Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 CAMPS

Black Rock City best kept secret spot for a wonderful dance and foam experience with Mr B.

Camp Homojitos

Camp Gender Blender

Wiener Zoo Camp

Comfort and Joy Village

Camp BAAASH Big-Ass Amazingly Awesome Homosexual Sheep

The Ambassy of Hardcore at 2:30@E

Camp Suck'n Fuck

Boobies camp

Camp Sparkle men's penis

Camp Sexy Tramps

Lil' crack whore camp

Camp Wickedland

Camp of the Pharaoh with lotus bell Tent

Big Teddy Bears on the Playa

The cuddle puddle at Disco Chateau camp

Camp Zooniverse

Camp Upsie Dasium

Camp The Monks of funk

First Church of the Jerk

Camp Titicaca dome with nosefish variation

Prefab shelter

Camp Roccofellas

Camp Super Friends

Camp Super Friends with stretch fabric Trapeze

Cloud Extruted shelter on the right

Avant Yard camp

Camp Sake To Me

Camp Census

Camp Shady Waffle

Camp Do More Now

Camp Deep Sea Circus

Camp Double Bed boats on the playa

Camp I.A.M.U  It's All Made Up

Camp IAMU It's All Made Up shade cloth

Under the shade cloth canopy of camp I.A.M.U.

Disco Knights camp domes with stretch fabric

 Disco Knighs Disco Balls

Camp Star Star Roadhouse at the 9:00 Plaza

 Camp Star Star Roadhouse

Camp Star Star Roadhouse

Camp Star Star Roadhouse installation

Plug and Play Camp

Street with tiny houses

Camp "Voted Best camp"

The Sputnik triple dome at the 3:00 plaza

The Sputnik triple dome

Domes at Anahasana village

Camp Contact dormitories in Anahasana village during the storm

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