Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Camping in style or not at Black Rock City


Atvidaberg camp, locality in Sweden, All Terrain Truck

Military Heavy Duty Truck

Alan's Corner Camp

Painted RV

Old School Camper with swamp cooler system

Tiny house on a bed truck

Culture clash  in front of camp Psyclone

 Space Cubes at The Lost Hotel Camp a.k.a. Playa Foreplay camp

Node of the Space Cubes at the Lost Hotel Camp

Camp with wood frame structure and shade cloth

DPW shade structure

Camouflage for shade

Camp with Camouflage

Camouflage net with Hexayurts

Camp with net and tarp

Camp with Bell Tents and Aluminet shade cloth

Camp Dreamer's Playground with Lotus Bell Tents

Desert canvas tents at Camp Caravan of Light

Caidal, the Moroccan tent for dignitaries

Several solutions at once

Different Tents under shade cloth

Kodiak/Springbar tent

Cabelas XWT tent without the fly

Cabelas XWT tent legs

Eskimo pop-up shelter

Several Solutions: Hexas, Playadome and shade cloth for the Coneheads camp


Parachute in Tipi style

Tipis under construction

Sioux Tipi

Playadomes camp


Do Lab Quinoa canopy by Josh Flemming, can be put up entirely solo by a skilled rigger, here 2 participants did it.
Many thanks to Elliott Shuffle for the info.

Optidome by KD Kanopy, for giants

Monkey Hut in sniper mode


StarTwin 1320 by KD Kanopy

Tent under a monkey hut

a carport for The Misting Vagina by Rosario Dawson 2015

The meaning of life was there

 Elvis has left the playa, time to leave the house

 Some swear, Elvis went through the Airport

 88NV BRC airport

BRC from The camp IAMU looking at Old Razorback mountain

La Calaca Village at 3:00@Jolly

At the corner of the Barbie Death Camp

 Shark attack

Tourist at Plug and Play camp: dude, Coachella is so dusty this year.

 Usual means of transportation at BRC


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1 comment:

Todd Shimkus said...

Cafe Diem was largely inspired by Kenneth Snelson's Needle Towers, and the design principle of Tensegrity was pioneered by Bucky Fuller, creator of the geodesic dome.

The dynamic nature of tensegrity when given enough play yields to the playa winds better than a rigid structure.

Thanks for the shout out and this prestigious BRC architectural award!