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If you plan to visit the Black Rock Desert from August 18 to October 31 


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a conversation

Saturday, April 11, 2020

-------------------------- NO 2020 BRC ----------------------

Sad news today

Because of Covid-19 pandemic 
Black Rock City 2020 
will not rise again in the desert

See announcement by Marian Goodell Burning Man Project CEO

 Marian pulls the plug

See you in 2021

In the meantime stay tuned
 to see what we will dig from the photographic archives 
of this blog to build a Best of  Black Rock City 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Welcome Home )º(


Black Rock Desert with one car

Video in winter time by 
Josiah Roe

Old Razorback Mountain 
on the left before Selenite Range
The town of Gerlach before Fox Range
is top right near the railroad 

BRC 19
80 000 participants 

The Playa


Larry, mon ami, our friend Louis Brill joined you recently

Black Rock City 2019 hosted once again 
a magnificent Burning Man event
This year theme "Metamorphosis" brought a record number 
of art installations and mutant vehicles reaching 
new levels of participation, creation and construction skills

One wondered at the beauty of the Man base, 

the audacity of the Temple of Direction,
the whimsical world and structural integrity of The Folly, 
the massive effort put into The Head Maze,
the sturdy carpentry of Mega Cake, 
the dangerous-but-not-too-dangerous elegant Stone 27
and the hundreds of other art interventions

All but 3 images in this blog are SFW

The 2019 entry has around 300 images 
spread over two pages,
this page with The Golden Rebar Awards and Camps
followed by page 2 with art installations, mutants and participants

For a slideshow with higher resolution

double-click the images

Member of the Burning Man Documentation Team 
and burner for 23 years
I focus on the habitat and the architectural solutions 
developed to live in harmony with the Burning Man Principles

This blog was created to inspire and grow
a community of like-minded participants building a functioning city
in an inhospitable environment while having fun, mostly

2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2006-1996

Due to the ever-changing nature of the city and its density, 
it is impossible to explore every nook of each block
if your groundbreaking design is not featured here,
 I will stop by next year

Support my work
it takes a city

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The Golden Rebar Award recognizes the value of 
creativity and participation as the fabric of Black Rock City

It showcases builders and makers coming up
with innovative shelters or just clever upgrades 
shared with the community
as well as humorous and imaginative 
camps randomly entertaining and beautifying
the streets of the city with a smile

Golden Rebar for Form Follows Function

Steam of Life Pavilion

The teams of JKMM architects and Sauna on Fire 
wanted to bring the healthy experience of the sauna, 
a mainstay of the Finnish lifestyle

The hollow round shape was chosen to create 
an intimate courtyard, a shaded atrium, where participants 
could take their cloths off and relax after the steam room

For ease of transportation, reusability and construction, 
the number of wooden components was minimized 
to 3 lengths of slats stacked up on long rebars for stability

construction timelapse

The passageway toward the steam room
with a sound installation by Atte Olsonen 
 creating a soothing soundscape, 
a bubble away from the playa noise

The Kiuas, sauna stove, heated 1100 pounds (500kg) 
of Finnish stones on which water 
was thrown liberating the steam, Löyly

Golden Rebar for Intent Precedes Design

Fireside Circle

Fireside Circle designed by Dominic "D.A." Tinio
build by DPW with Joe the Builder

Dominic's goal was to provide a reusable gathering place 
around a fire without MOOPing the playa. 

Head of the Restoration Team, he knew he had to come up 
with a simple, sturdy, user-friendly and stackable design. 

There are countless love and friendship stories 
born out of these concret shapes

Golden Rebar for Modular Building

Hotel California Camp

This multi-story structure uses the famous node 
patented by Gregg Fleishman 
modified by Scott Mahoney for the Lost Hotel Camp (2014) 
and recently fine-tuned by Matthias Wagner
 who open-sourced it as DÜXEL 

A must-read for anyone looking 
for a dust-free off-grid solar system

Communal space

This design is slowly spreading across the city 
with the large Ideate Camp 
using it for its communal space

Ideate Camp at sunset

Golden Rebar for Neighborhood Spirit

Golden Guy Alley

 Graham Linn owner of the Scottish Pickle and Eggs bar

A gem tucked away deep in the city 
between two streets, known only by neighbors 
and now with this blog by seven more, 
 Golden Guy Alley is a series of micro bars 
modeled after the Golden Gai district 
in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo

The camp rapid growth from 4 bars last year to 25 now
crowns the initial idea that participation thrives in 
immediacy and proximity mixed with a good sense of humor 
hosted and bartended by connoisseurs 

Golden Guy Alley with Gecko Rum Bar
 facing Tim’s Topsy Tavern and Micrarium

Golden Guy Alley with White Dragon Noodle Bar

Golden Guy Alley with 
The Spa at Lake Lahontan and Black Rock City Lights

Golden Rebar for Chilliest Spot


A nondescript semi-trailer with participants 
lining up to get inside is always intriguing 

Passed an airlock you enter the Endurance, 
the sunken ship of the  
 Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1917) 
led by Sir Ernest Shackleton,
that beset in the ice before reaching 
the South Pole drift for months and sunk

In this desert iteration the atmosphere 
was more festive thanks to DJ Anycha 
who kept the barely clothed explorers bouncing 
in a relatively warm temperature of 40°F = 4°C for Antartica

Daryl Henderson aka DJ Anycha 
at the Shackleton Camp
 in (almost) polar conditions 

Tie Golden Rebar for Water Solutions

Water Temple Camp

Water Temple Camp misting and hand washing area

The water temple had a communal misting space, 
not uncommon on the playa but also real sinks 
with faucets and running water

 Water Temple Camp plumbing

The entire plumbing system 
was fairly elaborate and dependable

Water Temple Camp  
gray water storage and evaporation system

The evaporation pond eliminates 100gal/day 

Tie Golden Rebar for Water Solutions

Brainy Bar Camp

Water wheel evaporator 

With such a name Brainy Bar Camp had to reinvent the wheel
 and makes it evaporate 120gal/day on a tiny area 
in a camp with several dozen participants

Tie Golden Rebar for Water Solutions

The Unknown Camp

in this camp shaded by a broken-down instant canopy
a lovely couple uses a basin to catch 
the shower water and dips in the 
 the blue huck towels (for operating room) 
that are clipped to the cloth hanger to dry 

Cheap - Easy - Reliable 

A must read about Gray water
for big or small camps

Golden Rebar for Hexa Melioration

Camp Dusty Frogz

In the prolific hexayurt family, every year brings a novelty.

The French designers of the camp aptly named Dusty Frogz
eschewing the hinged door that stresses the non-structural 
insulation boardscame up with a sliding door, 
offering ample elbow room while being surprisingly dust-proof.

Golden Rebar for Ad Modification

Decommodified rental at Camp Déjà View 

Decommodified rental at Camp Déjà View

Golden Rebar for 
Please Keep Burning Man Weird Again

Kegel Kommandos Camp 

Kegel Kommandos Camp 
with Black Rock City's 
(and probably of the world) 
tallest horizontal climbing wall

Golden Rebar for Booming and Lifting the City

The HEaT

Heavy Equipment and Transportation Camp

Without the hard work of these guys 
there is no big art installations nor city

A city to explore

Exceptional Gigapan 
aerial view of the city 
Jamen Percy

A colorful camp brings life and landmarks a neighborhood

Comfort and Joy Camp flower

Comfort and Joy Camp

Camp Flamingo

Camp with garden and pink Flamingos

Lanterns at 50 Shades of Spam Camp

Kaleidoscope Collective Camp installation

Loveland Camp

Loveland Camp canopy

Pink Heart Camp inside

The Red Bar Camp

inside the Red Bar

The Twilight Zone Camp

Lucky's Camp with orange parachute

Container with Sea Horses mural

Camp Square One with Epic-space containers

Larry's Lounge and Library container

Larry's Lounge and Library inside

Larry's Lounge stage

Temple UV Enlightenment at 3:00@G plaza

Destiny Lounge 3D at night with blacklight

Camp Destiny Lounge 3D

Star Star Roadhouse Camp

Camp Star Star Roadhouse trusses

Camp Star Star Roadhouse

Shot Fired Expresso Service by Joe Miller

Black Rock Explorers Camp with mutant vehicle

The Pink Igloo Camp

Gypsy Nebula Village 
with the Jittery Jester Arcade camp


Hot Mess Camp Temple 
(ex Electric Oasis Camp)
 by Adam Christoff

Camp Club Bambooze
made with bamboos grown in the camp's designer

Sacbe Camp portal and hexayurts

Aside the magnificent portal designed by Spora
notice the hexayurts tips protected with a wood cone

Monks of Funk Camp

Camp Dusty Mermaid

DISTRIKT with aerialist
and Star Star Roadhouse Camp

Camp Root Society Cathedral dancefloor

Pillar of the Root Society Cathedral

Camp Contraptionist

The Lookout Camp scaffolding with living spaces

Camp Questionmark )?(

Tipis of Camp One Tribe

Kazbah tower and PlayAlchimist pyramids

Metal Pod Camp by Scott Parenteau

Inflatable shelter

Camp RX Osmos pavilion

Happy camper bouncing off the floor 
inside the Osmos pavilion at RX camp

Camp RX Osmos pavilion parachute on top

Camp with parachute part of Gifter's Brainiac camp

Camp of the Folly builders
there, I met Dave Keane 
 who years ago
bought my book, kudos! 

Camp FERN 
Each cone signals and protects a paracord

Camp with parachute shade

The Pineapple Motel camp with mutant

The Airpusher passing by Dusty Frogz Camp 
with misting Eiffel Tower

Deco Fish Twin #1 and #2
by Sean Orlando and engineered-artworks  
at Star Star Roadhouse camp 

The Mary Ellen Carter (ex The Island) 
mutant vehicle at the 3 Mile Rock Camp

Giving Tree Mutant Vehicle at camp

Cosmic Conversation Mutant Vehicle 
by Halliday Dresser at Amberland Camp

Pam's Parlor Camp

Quad-decker mutant at Camp Tetris

Yurt frame

Tiny houses made of Plywood panels

Tiny House on wheels

Gypsy wagon trailer

Gypsy wagon trailer with the owner

Perennial gypsy wagon trailer

Hermtt the HEMTT 

Oshkosh M978 HEMTT
Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
with toy hauler
8x8 expedition vehicle
18 tons empty


Volvo C303 Military TGB11 
of Phil Raymond 
at Dome Sweet Dome Camp

Old school RV's

Row of RV's covered with red fabric
Lipstick on a pig

Well protected RV

Ghetto bike trailer at the Art Car Camp

Camp with Airstream trailers

Tiny Airstream trailer

Airstream trailer facing Old Razorback Mountain
only a cowboy could enjoy such a great panorama

Burnstream Point Lighthouse mutant vehicle 
by Bruce Reuser 
at Burnstream Court Camp

from post-impressionism

to post-modernism

Shapes of protection

Camp Cingulata Evergreen

Camp Node Republik

Camp Saga with burlap shade

Camp Saga underneath the burlap shade

Camp Saga artistic structure

Prefab shelters of The Last Camp

Camp Dumb Luck carports

Entrance to walk-in camping towards Old Razorback Mountain

Tipi in walk-in camping with Old Razorback Mountain

Shiftpod in the walk-in with Old Razorback Mountain

The Oasis Camp 

The Oasis Camp impressive stakes system

Camp with camouflage net 

Camp Tazii with caïdal tent

Tahoe Gear Blackhorn cone tents

Camp One Tribe with connected tipis

Camp One Tribe inside the connected tipis

Lotus Belle Mahal Tent

The minimalist Camp X of Tristan Savatier

T.B.C. Camp

Camp Tiki Bar and Hammocks tensegrity structure

 Shade cloth

Camp with stretch fabric

Church of Now Camp

Church of Now Camp under the canopy 

Camp Take it Easy main shade 
made of 4 tensegrity structures

Tents underneath the green canopy of Camp Dusty Frogz

Camp No Boundaries

"Voted Best Camp" Camp with roller coaster 
besides the Big Imagination Camp's 747 art car

cryptic transition

Trump ASSault Camp

Camp Santa Man Comet with tree and Santa

Campfire Cove Camp

Camp HOH near the Orgy bus
the tree hugs you when you step on its baseplate!

Camp Pollination

Camp Floveida with zip-tie-node dome and tree

Octopus Garden Camp

Camp Hardlys

Dante's Infurno Room camp

Viking Saloon Utopiaville

Camp OK Korral 

¡Bang! Camp

a dream come true for neighbors

Camp Gold Dust

Camp Advice and Cheese Palace

Camp Sacred Cow

Dusty Frogz Camp with misting Eiffel Tower

Badlands Bordello Moulin Rouge Camp

Camp Orgy Bus

Frog Camp

Eggs Camp

High Desert Cinema Camp

Holi High Camp portal

Holi High Camp color guns

Invisible Pink Unicorns Camp

Distrikt senior center

At Black Rock City reality gets distorted
 Sunset Lounge Camp was pranked 
with the DISTRIKTSenior Center 
sign added to its arch 
which confused everyone looking for DISTRIKT

Camp Coco Poco Loco


Live Bait Camp

Hostel Camp

The Hostel Camp lobby with the revolving door 
accessing the rooms for couples, below

 The Hostel Camp beds and art exhibit

 Ibiza Camp communal space

Ibiza Camp portal

Camp Bobo

Media Mecca

Savage Kingdom Camp

Unnecessarily High Five Camp

Miki Beach Camp
art by Claudia La Bianca

Teddies Camp

Blacklight Rainbow Titea Lounge Camp

Camp 3907 Black Rock City Summit

This Old Camp with useful BRC maps

Never Never Camp and Mission District Camp

Never Never Camp

Earth Guardian Camp

Look at You Camp
look at me!

Camp La Grange

Camp La Grange communal space

Follow the sign for foamy bliss

Maxa Village Camp 
home of Maxa Xaman mutant vehicle

Maxa Camp caïdal tents

Plaisance Camp with Octogonal Delta Canopy 

Camp with Nomad

Nomad tent with a view to Incendia domes

Shabbat diner table under a Nomad at Node Republik Camp

Metal frame and Aluminet

Blue camouflage net

Big versus small

Large Camp with Camouflage net

Black Rock Travel Agency BRTA

The Hexaplex Hotel camp (ex Space Camp)

Hexayurts and shade

Connected Monkey huts

Monkey Hut Iphone charging station

Large Monkey hut

Camp The Land
Military Quonset hut up in 2 hours by 2 burners

Bucky Dome By Archimedes Basket

Camp Random Pants

Galactic Jungle Camp with Palm trees

Automatic Subconscious camp

 inverted catenoïd dome

Tower of Slackjaw
4 domes on top of each other!¡!

Pollination camp

 At sunset near walk-in area

Front porch at dusk

Sunset over the trash fence

few copies left

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