Monday, November 2, 2015

Camp at Nectar Village 

The Zendo 

Looking South with The Hammock Hangout Camp 

Camp Meow or Never 

Camp Sakenoma metal frame with Aluminet 

Camp Sakenoma metal frame

Automatic Subconscious camp

The top of the catenoide dome of Camp Automatic Subconscious

White Ocean Loud Dance camp

Pink Heart Camp 

Pink Heart camp  

Red Lightning camp

Red Lightning camp 

Camp Bubbles and Bass 

Camp Bureau of Misinformation along Esplanade

Camp OK wood frame 

Media Mecca/Media Circus 

Inside the Media Circus Camp 

Shift Camp at the beginning 

Pandora's Lounge and Fix-it Shoppe 

The Lost Hotel aka the Playaforeplay camp

PVC pipe structure of the Pickled Monkey piano bar 

The Pickled Monkey piano bar camp 

White Bronco Camp

War is Over 

The Blight Camp 

The Gherkin 

The Cove camp

Playa Penthouse 

Camp Happy Hour

Happy Hour Camp

Lone Wolf with his camp 

Dead Burners camp

Camp Steep Tea Bar 


Camp Paradise on the Playa

Camp Pop Corn Palace is open 

Stretch fabric shelter 

Shade structure with node inspired by Gregg Fleishman 

Camp Imagine Nation stretch tent 

Camp Nomad white stretch tent

Camp Nomad  with the Pink Manta

Line for gifting

Pele Fire Honolulu Camp 

Pele Fire Honolulu Camp inflatable

Camp Ideate prefab tiny house 

Camp Psyclone

Camp Sideshow 

Greeters camp

Red Rubber Tattoo camp

Camp VW with The Neverwas Haul  

Camp Mystic

Inside Camp Mystic

Camp Question Mark

Celtic Chaos Camp

Ooligan Airways 737 

Ooligan Airways camp 

First Camp wood frame and trailers 


The Man with members of the TrashKan Marchink Band

Center Camp Café with Becoming Human by Christian Ristow

Becoming Human by Christian Ristow detail

 Becoming Human by Christian Ristow detail

Dream Installation by Laura Kimpton built by Jeff Schomberg

More by the Ministry of Random Events

Molecules by Mars-1 (Mario Martinez)

Totem of confessions by Michael Garlington 2015

The Door of Totem of confessions by Michael Garlington

The Temple of Confessions by Michael Garlington with The Life cube Project

Firmament by Christopher Schardt 2015

Temple of Promise by the  Dreamers Guild at sunrise

Temple of Promise by the Dreamers Guild

Temple of Promise with the Porch

 The Arches of the Temple of Promise by the Dreamers Guild 2015

Extremely powerful testimony about multiple abuses, click on the image to read it, it might bring you to tears, some people are really sick.

Detail of the Arches of the Temple of Promise by The Dreamers Guild

 The Temple of Promise by The Dreamers Guild

  Prairie Wind Chapel 2015 by Robert Hoehn and the Wind Tribe

 Detail of the facade of The Prairie Wind Chapel 2015 by Robert Hoehn and the Wind Tribe

 Prairie Wind Chapel Organ 2015 by Robert Hoehn and the Wind Tribe

Table and chairs made of boulders on the 10:00 side

Duality by Guiseppe Palumbo

The Pork Chop Nebula at the Airport

Pinea Arbori by artist Boris Kostov with his crew the Wrench Pirates Maker Club and the collective
BoKo Fine Art

Installation inside the city

The Dragon Smelter by Danny Macchiarini and crew 

 The Acolyte from the installation Well Of Darkness by The Iron Monkeys at the 3:00 Plaza

 Brainchild by Michael Christian

Brainchild detail  by Michael Christian

The Black rock Observatory with Scott Parenteau pods and Gregg Fleishman observatory dome

Air Pusher Collective Mutant Vehicle

Pinata art car in front of Dreamers Playground camp

 Was Banksy at BRC? 

What is created at Black Rock City stays at Black Rock City

This Barbie Death Camp installation might start a heated conversation in some European countries 

In some European countries this installation could be installed in the middle of a commercial plaza. 

Soon to be relocated in the garden of the Chateau de Versailles

Lousy transition 

Movable art installation

Movable art installation detail

This year these fat tire bikes were everywhere

The next level is electric

Better when it is creative

Year after year, the most sought-after interactive installation in town

After a storm 

 Even there you can find Jesus


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