Sunday, October 26, 2014

Souk......Tents.....Houses......Domes......Hexayurts...Parachutes....RV's and Trailers

The Souk 21,000 square feet of stretch tents 

Designed by Andrew "Haggis" Johnstone with a crew of 100
105' high      32 Tons

The poles can be positioned randomly

The head was 17' high and weight 1.3 ton

If you want to recreate the Souk in your garden or for next year at BRC

Proprietary corner and side fixings

Occupy Souk!

Ready to burn

One of 7 Optimum 350 tent designed by late Bill Moss
Here at the Alternative Energy Zone Village with Jellyfish camp
Heavy duty cotton canvas with aviation grade aluminum poles.

Made by Delta Canopy, sorry for the (free) product placement I want to see more of them around instead of rows of walled off RV's camps.

The ceiling

Again, a free product placement because these Lotus Belle tents are sooooo cute, see above my rant against these fortresses of RV's creating lifeless streets without interaction with the walled-off guests.

A Sibley tent, this is not the brand, just the name of the mid-19th century American Army officer who invented this type of tent.

The tents at Liquid Sky camp were custom-made in India (one camp manager told me).
In fact I found a site that manufactures this cute tents.


Afrika Korps??

Old school military tent

Camp Tazii with a Caïdal, popular Moroccan tent

A bell tent. There are more of them each year, great! better that than know now.

"Basshenge camp"

"Basshenge camp"
Stretch Bedouin tent


Cool apparatus

Fronting the Playa

Style clash
This dome tent welcomes 10 burners


Tent on wheel, superb idea

Family style, burner style


Ingenious Rooftop tent by Cascadia Vehicle Tents

I like to see in every block of the city these North Pole Party Shade that thanks to  a "brilliant " marketing decision were discontinued years ago. This is a really easy to setup spartan shelter that sustains the usual gusts of wind and can take a beating. Now it is a really hot item online.

A couple's camp

An another couple's shelter

They called it "The little house on the Playa"

Inside, it took 7 hours to build, note the AC.

The smallest houses on the Playa

The cabin at the "Bleachers" art car camp

More tiny houses

The expandable lattice wall of a yurt


The dome of "Tangoed Up in Blues" camp

Dome with stupa

Inside the dome with stupa

The Voodoo Shooting Gallery Camp domes

The Octopus Garden camp

3V dome

Inside the 3Vdome

Camp Areola 51

Balloon dome

Inside Balloon dome

The Shady Waffle dome

The Red dome

The Atom Cult Camp

The Atom Cult Camp detail


Playadome a longtime tested BRC staple

The loneliest hexayurt of the city

H4 Hexayurt at Paradigm Camp. To get in just open the roof.

Camp Dust Bunnies built The Taj Mahop a compound of five H15 interconnected with reusable panels tanks to metal beading on the panels sides. Designed by Justice Orion and Matt Morrissette.

Inside, notice the reinforcing frame.

The Hammock Hangout camp with 3 layers of parachutes

Inside with 90 hammocks

Parachute Hoop

A long time burner trailer, the kind we love to see and welcome.

The VW camp

This is a self-reliant camper

Size matters at BRC

The Skinny Kitty RV, banned in 38 states.

Installation: "Trailer with Porta-Potties"

On a satellite image this PnP camp has a visible huge footprint, thank to the banks of lined up RVs that kill any neighborhood interactions. No imagination.

In a walled off camp for Hollywood stars, astroturf is a really nice touch, until it rains and dries up, gluing it to the playa creating a huge MOOP Problem.
A tip from DA, Leader of the Playa restoration team: lay down the astroturf on top of a tarp to prevent a big headache for the volunteers cleaning up the playa behind the clients.

You've reached the bottom of page 3, Bravo!!!

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in retrospect said...

Thanks for the tip on the tarps under the astro turf… We worked for a day and a half raking and pulling up bits of the carpet to clean up as much as we could. We had brought many tarps and ran out in the rain and hail and covered the carpets as best we could…also learned which type of turf held together in the cleanup and which didn't. Not a camp of hollywood stars, I actually spoke to you and invited you in to take your photo of the camp before all our friends arrived each bringing their own part of the camp. delayed in their entry by the storm. If you remembered meeting me I am a 58 year old landscape designer and my friends in this camp are from all walks of life and all over the country. I did enjoy meeting you even though you forgot meeting me.

SerendipityDSS said...

We took the Lotus Belle Outback to the Playa this year (2015). It's lovely to look at, but did not live up to expectations. Despite being told by the company in email prior to purchasing that the tent could be sealed up to prevent dust, it didn't hold up in the dust storms. There is a mesh strip where the walls meet the ceiling that can't be sealed off without extra materials and the dust just poured in. We were also surprised to hear from Lotus Belle that despite promoting the tent for Burning Man, using the tent at BRC is considered extreme weather conditions and is not advised according to their Terms & Conditions ( The company will not stand behind the tent if anything happens there. Mostly we got a lot of flack about how they were working on a Sunday and how great the tents were. The best response was the the vents point down, so it was surprising that dust was getting in. Beautiful tents for a backyard, but not sturdy enough for the Playa.

P.Glade said...

Thank you so much for your feedback about the Lotus Belle. I have seen a lot them this year ,2015, all around the city. I was wondering about their behavior under the storm. These are precious comments. Where did you camp at? I saw a big camp at 3@L with several of them.

Jessica Tickles said...

Hi There, I actually co-founded Lotus Belle tents and I am a Burner. Like any company we have Terms and Conditions to protect ourselves. 2015 the weather was atrocious and we saw a nearly 1 ton geometric dome take flight and land on a Haul. Its lucky no one was killed. So YES we can't guarantee against those conditions. Never in the T's and C's does it say that taking it to the Burn will void your warranty. We are good people and take everything on a case by case basis and if our customer service was bad I never would have grown this business from selling tents out my parents garage just 4 years ago to having 3 warehouses across Australia, New Zealand and the US. We have also amassed a social media following of 130K in that time. Plenty of Burners leave comments and testimonials on there and on our website. If in doubt, check em' out! After 2015 we designed a room cocoon to help with the issue of dust getting in between the mesh between the roof and upper walls. This was a successful addition and gave an extra layer of protection. Regardless this mesh is actually a key design feature for breathability in our tents and having taken the tent to the Burn I've never had issues of dust getting in through here. Its only when the dust is "extreme" like what was experienced in 2015. If you look at the tent you will see the roof hangs over this area, so its not like its completely open. I'm glad a kind hearted customer brought this blog to my attention. So there you have it straight from the horses mouth. If anyone has any questions regarding our product at Burning Man I am always on hand 24/7 to help with queries. - Jessica Co-Founder Lotus Belle Tents USA LLC

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