Monday, October 27, 2014

At the edge of the world: from 2:00 to 9:00

Two participants, one or two (perhaps three) 6-pack, one skateboard and a moving bike, the result is an intense laugh that was worth the 5 hours wait at the gate.

Camp "Voted Best Camp"
Turn up volume to 12 to gift your neighbors with the soundtrack of the desert at 1:00 am2:00 am3:00 am and for breakfast invite Lily Allen.

Safety Third

DJ booth "Camp Question Mark"

I almost feel bad to give away the Playa's best kept secret: "Disco Knights Camp" they dare to play music with a beat and a feeling. Don't ruin the experience in 2015, please.
Art car "Sonny" by Nabiel

The Knights balls

Sweet crowd

Super sweet crowd
The outfit on the right was custom made.

Celtic Chaos

Inside the castle

The 737 DJ booth at Ooligan Airways

The seats for once with leg room

Root Society dance floor

Root Society dome entryway

60 feet dome


Space Cowboys camp

Inside the art car (forgot the name)

Illumination Village

Cool Dude at Illumination Village

Circus Combustus

The Ringmaster

Prometheatrics Camp

Sextant Camp

Tectonic and Friends

Kostume Kult

Burners Without Borders

Burners Without Borders


Atlantis Camp

Enjoying some Playa view

Playa Surfers Camp

Choir rehearsal at the Black Rock Cantina

Temple Crew Camp

Shade at the Institute Village

Fire pit at the Institute Village

This is the "Future Camp"

Nap Station

The HEAT Camp

Back of the HEAT

Cosmic Praise by Doug Ruuska


Cosmic Praise by Doug Ruuska
Hyperboloid structure

The Center of the Universe

designed by late Rod Garrett

Checking if there is still a default world

Media Mecca

First Camp

Camp Reverbia
PVC pipe structure designed by Clif Cox

Camp "Brulée, a Kinky Circus"

DJ booth at Dustfish

Rad  Sk8 Camp

Bubbles and Bass Camp
Rob Bell's  Zome

Interlocking parts without nails or screws
Was part of the Zonotopia installation in 2012 and 2013

Pink Heart Camp
Who doesn't know Alcyon, the hug master.

Dreaming La Vie en Pink

Slut Garden Camp
That day it was a misnomer, I was disappointed.

Heart Phoenix Color Caravan

Morning Yoga nearby

Shift Camp

I am a bit naive, while I was taking pictures "hosts" or "guests" of the camp were nicely lining up with each ones a ticket in hand to get a breakfast portion, suddenly I felt out of place.

About poles they mean business.

I realized that I never made it  on the 10:00 side from A to L, mid-week I got overwhelmed by the relentless cacophony, brouhaha, bouillabaisse, sonic assault (Add your comment....) coming from the edges of the city. Do Large scale sound camps need 150 000 watts of power to broadcast Guantanamo torture style noise? What kind of chemical adjuvant do I need to add to my water to appreciate this toxic waste garbage?

special bonus because it is Halloween

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