Sunday, October 26, 2014

More Camps

The airport lounge

Who will get the ride? tension is high

The street sign of "Camp Giddy Up"

The Sparkle Pony Ranch

So clever

Aluminet fabric

A ring for what??!!! :)

"Camp No Fun" was parked across the most luxurious camp in the history of BRC

Star Star Roadhouse Camp with Jamie Vaida Fertility Twins art cars

The Sputnik at the 3:00 plaza

A test in structural strength

The  Scott Parenteau metal pod

Last year, Walt Grams the builder of the "Guerkin" shattered his foot erecting this shade structure

A true burner, Walt came back this year to build again one of the nicest landmark of the city,
the Gherkin.


"The Red Bar Camp" from Boise

Double layer of shade fabric

Dude is taking a nap

Original metal frame structure

Reminds me of a Victorian glasshouse

I was so delighted to see these three Playahuts. When I asked the young burner who built them with his girlfriend, he told me that he got inspired by looking at the 2013 Golden Rebar entry of this blog.
He made my day, I was so happy, at least my blog helped built, in a tiny fashion, the city.

Good way to spend the evening

Delta Shade  at "Camp Love Land",  a structure designed first by Bogdanov and Bogdanov at Disorient

I dedicate this image to Christina Nellemann writer for Tiny House blog who suggested me to document showers in the city. A 20 minutes after our conversation I saw this colorful shower.
A perfect example of serendipity was to find out that my closest neighbors were Christina and her husband who setup camp near mine without knowing it. Because we focus on the same topic at BRC we know each other only through comments and email. It was a wonderful surprise to finally meet in the flesh.

"Cult of Koitus camp"

On K street, nearby the clamping camps camp with "Miracle" art car

"Giddy Up camp" super nice guys.

"Open Range camp"
I have a soft spot for this type of camp. It remind me the early time of BRC when it was more about D.I.Y camp and free spirit.

"The Church of the Atom camp" at "Terminal City:// 404 Village not found"

Wood frame

"Washington not DC camp" Scaffolding

"Camp Catch and Release"

The King was in the house. They offered me a seat on the empty chair but somehow I declined the invitation.

Teepee, dome and the Bleachers art car

"The Skinny Kitty Teahouse camp" mailbox


Superb aerial performance with live piano, this is an afternoon at BRC.

Ice chore

PVC pipe structure

Wood frame for the "Fur and Spandex Parlour camp"


This is Black Rock City

Monkey huts with Playadome and bikes racks by Playatech

Daft Punk rehearsing for their mythical trash fence performance

Got cool?

"Dome on the Range" camp

Metal frame and Hexayurts

Gregg Fleishman camp
His crew built the Temple last year and recreated The Otic Way in the Mindfield

About the chairs and banches visit Gregg's site

The Zendo before the rain that collapsed its roof.

The thickest metal pipe on the Playa

New skool versus old school

Shade cloth structure, great for the sun, porous to the rain.

The Wide Awake Oasis
Suddenly the view of trees and green lawn, even fake, bring a new feeling in the neighborhood.
To protect the Playa from Astroturf glued to the playa when it rain thus creating a MOOP issue it is recommended to lay it over a tarp.

Superb PVC pipe shelter (sorry I forgot the name of its builder)

Van Brink/ Lerner domes with wood struts and Starplate connectors in the foreground and PVC pipe struts in the background at camp Hiburnia

"The Census camp" at Center Camp

The kitchen at "Reverbia camp" prepared 3200 meals during the event

Top Chef

"Burlap camp"

Lello and the container.
Inside the "DPW camp"

These images were taken with the authorization of Leeway


Vernacular street art

"Camp Do More Now"
Express yourself

Room with a view

I t was "Tutu Tuesday" of course

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Michael Twing said...

Thought for sure you'd miss "Starport" the lounge at the airport built by The Black Rock Travel Agency.
Thanks for coming out!

~Minxie~ said...

The 5th or so pic... "So Clever" Is the Temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - that vehicle used to be a service lift for the airlines. It is now called the "Sky Lounge" :)