Thursday, October 24, 2013

5/ The Golden Rebars Awards 3/ Winged H15 hexayurts and Playahuts

Golden Rebar for H15-5 Wings Hexayurt

Since Vinay Gupta built his first prototype on the playa in 2003, the Hexayurt family has taken a life of its own, getting bigger, larger and with every year welcoming new concepts.
This year was no exception with this H15 model sporting no less than 5 wings connected to the main structure.  

The main structure is the communal space while the alcoves act as bedrooms.

Golden Rebar for The Playahut

Derived from the Hexayurt family, these Playahuts are a new direction in design associated with insulation panels. Full size, they hold together with the help of ratchet tie-down straps.

The builders of these Playahuts chose to put the insulation panels inside-out, to keep the brand repetitive markings out of sight, in line with the principle of decommodification we wish more participants could follow this fashion.

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