Thursday, October 24, 2013

6/ The Golden Rebars Awards 4/ The Archimedes Basket and Camp DC not Washington

Golden Rebar for Brand New Design

The Archimedes Basket is a Tensegrity-stabilized dome created by Toby Vann and Michael Gates
who won a Blue Ribbon for this shelter at the 2013 New York World Maker Fair.

Setup and strike is under 1 hour! community space of Camp Things that swing.

In their words:
The result of our innovations is a rope & strut dome. We use the truncated icosahedron (the pattern of hexagons and pentagons on a soccer ball) as the polyhedral shape for our dome; this requires only 1/3 as many struts as a traditional geodesic dome. On their own, the struts that form a truncated icosahedron are unstable; borrowing from tensegrity we stabilize our dome with a tension web.

The double wall shading with airspace between the layers helped disperse the heat and kept the inside cool. Stars are Spandex, inner tent is rip stop Nylon. The 3-parts hubs as well as the struts are just one size. easy to assemble.    
To simplify the potentially complex and time-consuming job of lacing the dome with rope, we developed a harness system for quick assembly and a hub designed for increased stability.
We call our invention the Archimedes Basket

Golden Rebar for Scaffolding camp

Camp DC not Washington built a large scaffolding structure to be the embassy of like minded Washingtonians willing to connect with others like they do in DC.

A large inner patio create a more dynamic space.

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Toby Vann said...

Thanks to everyone who have contacted us regarding the Archimedes design. It was an honer to be included in this list.

We will be manufacturing the domes for this years burn, as well as providing open source information on how to build one of your own.

Look for us at Maker Faire San Mateo in May or check out out placeholder site at and look for more information soon.

Toby Vann