Thursday, October 24, 2013

4/ The Golden Rebars Awards 2/ Loaves of Bread, Namaste

Golden Rebar for Only In Black Rock City and We Want to Keep it this Way

The Dome of Dough

This Shelter was entirely made of 850 Loaves of Bread with an insulation value of  R-5 and lasted the week.
Do we witness the start of a new building trend at Black Rock?
On the blackboard were some possible names: Rye Not? Flour Power, Dill Dough, Make loaves not War... 

Golden Rebar for Recycling

The Palette camp

Golden Rebar for Best Name Camp

Camp Namaste Motherfucker

(p.s. I have the uttermost respect for my teachers, fellow yogis and yoginis, laughing is good for our chakras.)

Golden Rebar for Cardboard Hexayurts

Camp Rejuvenation did not want to use the familiar insulation panels commonly use to build the Hexayurts for health and ecological reasons.

The recycled cardboard cost nothing and was easy to manipulate without splinters.
Overhead, they had a tarp on a metal frame because cardboard is not known for its insulation ability.

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