Thursday, October 24, 2013

12/ Esplanade 2

Burning Man Information Radio Camp.
94.5 FM
Contenair, Trailer, Truss, Wood frame and Junk.

Camp Decadent Oasis.
Scaffoldings and Burlap.

Camp Tectonic.
In their words:"Come bask in the shade of our fire spewing volcano or dance to our ground-shaking beats while we serve you a tec n' tonic. Don't forget to bring us your playa virgins to sacrifice to the volcano gods".

Camp Planet Hearth.
Mainly wood. The BRC 80's night club, fans of Joy D.

Camp Bubbles and Bass.
The original Zonotopia Zome of Rob Bell (who created the Zonotopia and the Quasicrystalline Conjunction post 57) a twelve frequency structure with interlocking wooden joints.
Friday and Saturday Sunrises come for Champagne and badass beats.

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