Thursday, October 24, 2013

13/ Esplanade 3

Sunset trip Camp with the Dirty Beetles, Camp Charlie, The Transmorphagon, Badlands and Capitol Reckers.
Peace Wall painting by Abram Santa Cruz.

Camp Automatic Subconscious.
A catenoid dome as the BRC Gherkin and the London Gherkin
Every morning, as the sun rises above BRC, be amongst the first to see it with a 360 degree view from the upper level hammock netting. Bring some coffee.

Red Lightning Vision camp.
It's about a Maze Trix (it's a bit too complicated for me to understand).

Camp Osiris.
18 Tons of recycled Steel pipes and fabric.
90 feet x 90 feet, 60 feet high (6 story building)
If you want to build the same in your large backyard get the plan.
About the sound system, it's loud, very loud.

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