Wednesday, October 23, 2013

57/ Art Installations 1

The 4:20 Spire DPW Multi Media Installation.
It was rumored that this fine Pre-Raphaelite piece was defaced by Banksy and was promptly restored to its magnificent-self by a team of volunteers dedicated to make it the centerpiece of Art Basel 2013.

Zonotopia and the Quasicrystalline Conjunction by Rob Bell.
At the center, The Crystal Chalet is a four frequency Spirallohedron using 44 Rhombic panels.
On each side there is a Daystar Zome.
On the left The Man, on the right Church Trap by Rebekah Waites, Art car by Jamie Vaida.

Excess Baggage by Warren Lisser, Susie Lisser and Anita Grunder

Unmarked Art Installation about which, as a European, I have one remark to address: whatever their ancient or folk meanings, some signs must be retired to the dumpsters of history.

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