Wednesday, October 23, 2013

58/ Art Installations 2

Black Rock Bijou Movie Theatre by Release Neuman and Sam Gipson

A tradition since 2010, this movie theatre modeled on the "Royal Theater" of Archer City, TX featured in the "Last Picture show".
The mission of the Black Rock Bijou is to "mindfuck" the Burning Man community by creating a fully-functioning, old-fashioned, run-down movie theater, for Burners to stumble across and enjoy in the deep playa (very deep).
The Bijou serves as an avatar of the Playa -as-theater, a meta-playa within the Playa.  
The marquee for the films does not display the title of the movie shown, it is a title that relates to the BM theme.
Thursday night, a comedy.
Friday night, a western.
Saturday night, a crowd pleaser. 
There is a real candy counter in the lobby.
The Marque is lit up prior to the showing and stays up for the duration, after the theater is locked during daytime.

Desert Forest by Phoenix Ocianna
This is the perfect place to lay down, chill out, relax and feel on your skin the slight touch of this "Sea of Leaves".

The Helix by Charles Gadeken

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