Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 This is Black Rock City

This blog is dedicated to the ephemeral architecture of the desert.

It showcases the different solutions that the Black Rock citizens have to come up with in order to survive in style (or not) the scorching sun and most of all, the almighty fierce winds.
Every year new designs come up, old ones are refined, same mistakes are made and next year, promise, it will not fly away.

Burning Man is an overwhelming experience, so to keep up with the visual overload that one might feel on the playa, I invite you to scroll down this miles long blog packed with hundreds of images.

If images dating back to 1996 interest you, check my site:

Camp or installation misnamed? Feel free to contact me at:

Usually my blogs are Republicans-free zones but sometimes they are right: the playa is flat, the city is built in 7 days and, yes, Obama was born in Black Rock City.

This is a very SFW blog. Sorry.

I would like to thank all the burners for their terrific creations and constructions that make Black Rock City a unique place on earth.

Super special thanks to Heather Gallagher (camera girl), Patrick Ford and Lady Bee.

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Tristan said...

cool series, again some great photos, and some amazing art that i somehow totally missed.