Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The end, finally!

This was really a journey.

My camp at night which is in the tarps and poles category. One thing i am adamant with, nothing touches the ground except the counterweight in the middle, to minimize the dust gathering process, the less exposed the easiest the breakdown and the storage back home!

Self-portrait by Airstream.

A nice lady stopped me to take my picture before crossing the playa to reach my base.

At the end of the week, exhausted and lighter (4 kg off) but so happy to have made it in one piece, I had met a lot of camp builders, creators, simple burners more than happy to share their knowledge and inputs. Little I knew that to go through the 50 hours of photo-shoot and 2000 images it will take me another 150 hours of editing to upload this images of Black Rock City 2011. 
I really hope that the 5 of you who made it to this post enjoyed the journey.
Philippe Glade 

P.S: don't forget my book "Black Rock City, NV : the ephemeral architecture of Burning Man" is coming out mid-november.

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