Saturday, October 2, 2010

Foreword: Weather talk and table of contents

This year the weather was somehow mild, several days without wind, bearable heat, few white-out in the city.
What was a bit unusual was the downpours at the very beginning that took everyone by surprise making the playa unwalkable for several hours combined with a very cold wind.
Beware for next year.

The 2010 This is Black Rock City Table of contents:

  • Best in show 8 entries
  • Structures 8 entries
  • The City 21 entries
  • Art Installations 5 entries
  • Mutant/Art Cars 5 entries
  • BRC Citizens 3 entries
  • Me, myself and my camp 1 entry

Each entry has 5 images

So, Welcome Home! Seat back, relax and enjoy.

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