Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best in show 1

2010 was a year of trends confirmation, insulated hexayurts getting bigger, higher scaffolding structures, more disaster relief domes, hundreds of tan carports, tipi solo or in villages, invasion of R.V's, a growing number of hitchhikers (!!?), perennial camps becoming reassuring landmarks and, sadly, prefabs with private porta-potties.

Because of my intense search for new designs, new concepts, new way to create a neighborhood with shelters I don't feature twice the same camp/shelter unless there is improvement over the previous year (case for this year winner of the Golden Stake Award).

Old timers, landmark camps, I might have your camp in the 09, 08, 07 entries of this blog (lot of scrolling) or the 1996-2006 chapter of my web site.

One more time, the winner in design, persistence and inventiveness category is The Chiton.
Year after year, D'Milo Hallerberg the designer of this shell-like structure is upgrading his concept with this time a several parts collapsible structure.
(a chiton is a primitive marine mollusk in the class Polyplacophora from Wikipedia)

If you want to see the evolution of this shelter take time to visit the 2009, 2008, 2007 entries of this blog.
The early years 1996-2006 here:

Vertical Camp or how to use smartly and in style scaffoldings with an architectural flair.
 The Golden Rebar for buildings.

Everything in this camp from the art car, the chairs and the pyramidal structure (look at the wooden connectors for the 2x4) was designed by the artist Gregg Fleishman visit his place you will be impressed

The winner in the overall camps category.
Extremely well thought and organized.
A main dome for the group with satellites around with a ground sheet throughout to keep dust at a minimum.

This is the natural evolution of the" insulation boards shelters" now available for big standing up party.
Winner of the Golden Rmax award.

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