Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best in show 2

The Spoutnik (if you have the real name contact me) is becoming a landmark

The Gherkin in its second year, built using catenoid (more explanations here:
An addition to the landmark structures.
The Silver Rebar for building

Almost a tie with Vertical camp.
The Bronze Rebar for building

The underdog that I totally missed. I was aiming for the lighthouse but while editing for this blog I realized that the pink structure was handmade and truly original in the way to assemble the panels, to follow up next year.

Winner in the "Cocoon" category

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Don said...

That pink structure was actually one of about a dozen we designed and the dwellers therein built and custom painted. They're extremely simply and very sturdy in a high wind. Next time come into camp and see multiple variations on the theme!