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BRC 2016

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Welcome back

Octavius by Peter Hazel

Greetings by Julia Nelson-Gal


The Space Whale by the Pier Group 
with Matthew Schultz, Android Jones and Andy Tibbetts 

Electric Renaissance by Heliotropics

Mechan 9 by Tyler Fuqua

The 747 Project by Big Imagination

Mutants line at DMV

Metal Pods of Black Rock Observatory

In the Mindfield looking at the Selenite Range

Oh well!

Chillin' at the Root Society

Burning Man Da Vinci's Workshop 2016

The Temple by David Best and Crew

The Black Rock Lighthouse Service by Jonny and Max Poynton

The Man

The Kazbah 

Home by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg

Hydrate with feelings at the Aqua Zone


Disclaimer for the 12 readers and counting of this blog: given the ever-changing weather pattern combined to the ebb and flow of participants, it is impossible to see the entirety of shelters and dwellings, visit all the camps and villages that dot the city. I spared no effort to bike and walk all the streets back and forth from 2:00 to 10:00, A to L, for two weeks documenting this urban phenomenon. 
If you have any precision to add, calmly contact me: brc(at)

The Soundscape Golden Rebar

In 2016, indisputably, The Mayan Warrior mutant vehicle could not be missed thanks to a lasers display that rivals any stadium bands, a beyond believes 70,000 watt sound system to dance to talented and daring DJ's like Jennifer Cardini among an impressive list of artists.
Its sound signature brings the promises of tension and rhythm.
The Man's burn set was just phenomenal.

Golden Rebar for Design

The Origami Pod designed by Joerg Student and made of 1 sheet of folded 
corrugated polypropylene with bamboo sticks works like a charm for several year on the playa.
It was the camp of The Shrumen Lumen installation

The intricate oculus of the the origami pod


Radiance Dome by Light at Play 5 V Dome 2016
Watch it at night 

Cleu Camp detail of Starman dome 

The Outpost Camp

Hammock Hangout Camp with folded parachutes

The Hammock Hangout camp with Spike the Big Red Dragon

Sugar Bitches Camp

Star Star Roadhouse Camp

The Hangry Bishop Camp

Dome with parachute

Conduit Frame Structure EMT

Harmonic Convergence Camp

Camp Sakenoma

Camp Questionable Behavior

Camp Perky Parts

Delicioso and Creperie Camp

Camp with portal
Portal is very important to define a camp space

Hellfire Society Camp
The name is a misnomer, nice guys 

Magic Lantern Society camp with Lotus Belle tent

Sharkeys bar and camp

Barechested Baristas Camp

Eggs Camp 

The post office

Playa Penthouse

Playa Info 2016

BRC Boardwalk
full of subtle innuendos

The Pink Womb

Sextant Camp and Vunderbar by Torrey Sarge Smith,
an envelop pusher, the core spirit of BRC.
Featured in the book

Automatic Subconscious Camp catenary dome

Automatic Subconscious Camp catenary dome Oculus

Shade Cloth from above

Shade Cloth with KD Kanopy


View from Panorama Camp 

3:00@K corner with Mactropolis Bar

Camp Frosty a.k.a Captain Dan's camp
Super sweet people. On top of the tower is a revolving love pod.
The camp structure is custom made in Aluminum by Captive Spark

Detail of Aluminum structure of Camp Frosty

Camp Burning Dog

Playadomes of Camp Burning Dog 

Inside a 30ft Playadome 

Starstage canopy with bell tents

Portable Office Buildings

Painted RV 
This one is not a plug and play.
Love it

Ready for the day after

Sail boat "Double Bed" Camp 

Hardlys Camp 

Hardly's camp with Armadillo mutant vehicle 

Camp Rat Trap

Camp Pink Spot 

7 Sins Lounge 

Camp Kiss My Ass 

Camp Cum inside with Delta Canopy

Camp Uranus

Camp Pathogen Agent's kitchen and shower trucks 

Camp Pathogen Agent with HDT Airbeam shelters

Inside an Airbeam shelter at Camp Pathogen Agent

Giant Monkey Hut ribs and spine

The Two Lanterns Wedding Chapel 

Math Camp 

Camp Question Mark

Camp Playground 

Camp White Ocean dance floor

Prescient sign near White Ocean Camp

The Ashram Galactica 

Guestrooms of the Ashram Galactica Hotel 

The Saunadome inflatable dome
They came from Northern Europe, I don't remember exactly,.
Look at the containers, this is logistic.
The dome with inflatable beams is the Mavericks tent from Heimplanet

Inside the Saunadome 

Red Lightning Camp 2016 Portal

Red Lightning Camp 2016

Red Caïdal Tent with one single central mast

Red Lotus Belle Tent
The Queen of Glamping

Root Society Cocktail Lounge dome 2016

The Purple Paradise Pod at Root Society Camp

Inside the Purple Paradise Pod at Root Society Camp
Cool dudes

Tipis at Root Society Camp

Mayan Warrior Camp Tents.
If someone has info about these tents contact me

Dome and Tipi

Pink Heart camp shade stucture on playa 2016

Dessert Dwellers Camp 2016

Playa Waste Raiders Camp

Campo Misterioso 

Cereal Thrillers Camp

Camp Reno Nation 

Camp Renarnia 

Camp Renarnia inside

Camp Refoamation stretch fabric shelter

Camp Radical Shelf Reliance 

The Palace Camp

Inside the Palace Camp

Everywhere Burning Man 2016
Variation on a classic DPW shade structure. 
White poles and beams with a white ground cover to minimise the dust stamping make a very inviting place. The white fabric for ceiling did not abate heat as expected.

EMT frame

Classic DPW Structure

Camp Bedouins from New York, super nice fellows

Here we go again
Plug and Play RVs


Dust proofed RV

Bus with shade tarp

Vintage Chinook RV
we want to see more of those


A rare Bill Moss Optimum 350 tent at the AEZ Village

Shiftpod in the Mindfield

Kodiak and Shiftpod tents in the Mindfield
Old school versus Nu Skool

The Shiftpods were everywhere. 
This is a big success for a tent designed by Christian Weber long time burner
Here at Camp Eastern Light, first timers from China


Clam Six Pack tent, normally a shelter for ice fishing, it does not have a ground tarp and reflective fabric, offers a less expensive option to the desert tailored Shiftpod.

Classic Stretch Hexayurts with lag screw anchors

Space Camp
The biggest Hexa(?)Yurt on Earth?

3V dome with thermal fabric

No Talk Burning Man Dome

Sound Camp Dome at 10:00 along Esplanade

Looking at the Christina 

Sunset from Camp Trifucta
They were playing  the Pachanga Boys "Time", the iconic Robot Heart track, gave me instant goosebumps

The usual dust storm, we all come for that.

Gigsville Village

Gigsville communal stove, pizza oven and fire pit 

Pancakes at Gigsville's car recycled in stove and oven

Dinner Time at The Lost Hotel
They offered me a seat, I was famished, my first real meal in 12 days, thank you Scott

Lost Hotel Camp

The Lost Hotel frame

The Lost Hotel Inner Courtyard 

The Grey Water Bladder of the Lost Hotel camp after ten days

Camp Trifucta at Sunset

Living high

The Mansonian Institute

Disco Knights 
The secret spot, don't go there early morning.

Carport expo

Camp Naked Zebra 

Camp at 2:30@K

Rampart crew camp
Western Shelters

Thumper Camp 

Camp "Voted Best Camp"
Who voted?

Camp Conduit Redux by Bill
You cracked me up Bill

Camp Conduit Redux handmade by Bill.
The double layer of Aluminet brings a real heat reduction 

La Calaca camp and Pinata's Revenge Camp with Axolotl!
Mutant vehicle designed by Elias Cattan

Wood frame with fabric


Camp Cool Neighbours with a Van Brink/Lerner Geometry Dome

inside a geometry dome

Camp Gitane at Rush Hour to listen to a terrific DJ

Camp Gitane Lobby 2016

Superb Carmen painting by Barbara Weber in Camp Gitane Lobby

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