Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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Along the Esplanade

The playa LJB

Scott London at work, this moment is #34 in his 2016 portfolio 

TrashKan Marchink Band TKMB

Haute Voltige at Swing City Camp

I believe he can fly
 I lost his card, five times burner from Japan

M2 a.k.a Danger Ranger

Allyson and Alex Grey in front of his mural at Camp Refoamation

The bride wore goggles.
Could be the title of a French Nouvelle Vague film

Bear Hug

Angels kissing

Man in love at Abraxas

Party at Abraxas

Cool Dude

The mandatory beautiful people picture

From Australia

Bro' did not get the Memo 

At Disco Knights


Robot Heart at Distrikt

Caged on Wheels
Waiting to get into Camp Refoamation

Drums on Wheels

Java on Wheels

A Man's Guardian

Orange is the new orange with H.R.H



They were getting married next day


Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty 2016
with Trey Ratcliff 's meet up on photo opportunity

Burning Man Art Installations Location Map

Kinetic sculpture by Anthony Howe

ZAP by Bruce Miles

Tesla Coils in construction at Sextant Camp

Trasparenza by Andreas Greenless

Vitruvia by Andreas Greenless 2016

Love Trees by Keith Beaney at Pink Heart Camp 2016

Love Trees 2016 Detail

Renaiximent by Pink Intruder: Miguel Arraiz and David Moreno

Detail of Electric Renaissance by Heliotropics
See the start of this 2016 blog

Cabina Exuro by Ramiro Martinez Jr

420 Spire DPW Art Installation 2016
It is rumoured that after their terrific trash fence duet, Daft Punk decided to release
a triple-colored vinyl album with gatefold sleeve and a pop up 
cut-out of this perennial installation featuring remixes of La Marseillaise by Shepard Harvey and Min P'tit Quinquin  by Thor with Space Reclaimer.

Dia de Los Muertos Burning Man

The Man with Guardino Leone by Kevin Clark 

The Man's Cog

Improba Putti by Vulfie Munson

Koulu School 

Amalgamated Debris Assemblage Guild 

G.E.R.M.A.N. Guild
Grand Elaborated Rule Master and No-Holds-Barrers

The Black Rock Notary

Zipper Rescue 

Zipper Rescue Guild

The Mask Factory II Guild

Ziggy Sawdust and the Chainsaws from Mars Guild

Intergalactic Sasquatch 

The Black Rock Lighthouse Service 

Temple 2016 at dusk


Mutants at The Death Guild Camp

Mushroom Mutant Vehicle

The Vacuum

The Rolling Root Mutant at Camp Root Society

The Rolling Root 

Side Detail of the Rolling Root

Gregg Fleishman art car

Blue Stagecoach

Aladdin Shoe made by The Ghost in the Machine, a very interesting person to meet

"Tuatara" Mutant Vehicle

Reflections in Mutant

The Flying Carpet and The Sisya 2016 

Mutant Bike


The Legend is true

Wall of Funktion One


Flock of Flamingos at Mental Floss Camp

Community bikes 2016


Camp Déjà View 2016 somewhere

6 hours of work
50 rebars pounded, waiting for the late afternoon lull to slide the aluminium poles
on the rebars and rise the white tarp for the roof 

20 minutes later, I have shade.
Weirdly some neighbours remember this shape from previous 
years and stopped by to say hello.

Camp Déjà View 2016
For several years, I quit putting stretch fabric for the walls, my camp is transparent, passersby and neighbours can enjoy the desert.
Nothing on the ground, so the dust doesn't accumulate and I don't have to bend over constantly to get things. Barely visible on this image are the five folding tables and several chairs that are customary gear for a happy camper.
At night I sleep on the cot, set between the van and the structure to enjoy the stars.


by Paul Hurley

See you again in the 2017 dust.


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