Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mutants......Abstract.......My camp: Déjà View

Cloud City mutant

Kitty Cat car by late Tom Kennedy

Kitty Cat car by late Tom Kennedy got company

The Rhino Redemption by Kevin Clarck

The Bioluminescent Slug in the afternoon

The Bouncing Castle mutant vehicle

The Cyclop mutant

? with the Dragon Smelter by Daniel Macchiarini

"Sonny" by Nabiel

Red Lightning camp Metatron

Lattice shadow for a yurt

Bonga bonga

"The Zendo" before roof collapsed under the rain

Ephemeral ART

Behind this door, the best address in the city

Combusting ART installation

Bottom Line


Pattern bis

Gregg's node

LumenEssence (detail) by Mauricio Bustos

Quonset hut + bay PVC pipe structure


Are you OSHA? was the question asked when I came to take this image

Camp Déjà View at the beginning

Camp Déjà View after several hours of solo work

Camp Déjà View during the rain storm, my bed is wet

Zen attitude, counting the puddles

Mid-week I decided to have a bit of privacy, having "walls" changed my mood.

Don't shoot, me I am a local !

After 15 days Solo at Black Rock I came back in one piece.
At 53, I realized that I was older than my father, I dedicate this blog to him.

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