Thursday, October 24, 2013

––––––––––––– Black Rock City 2013 –––––––––––

The Architecture of Black Rock City is as diverse as its temporary residents.
Most of them have no or little experience of living for a week
in extreme conditions, in a self-reliance mode while participating to
a unique collective adventure.
The artistic nature of the Burning Man event taking place in the city invite all of them to create and build a distinctive habitat that must respect a fragile environment and Leave No Trace at the end in order to resettle the following year.

Over the years several solutions have emerged and have became staple shelters while leaving room for constant improvements and brand new concepts.
One open-source prototype gave rise a decade later to a thousand Hexayurts, the most participants-built shelters followed by monkey huts and  geometry domes both originated from a single web page.
Many types of shelters coexist and thrive among a nascent family of temporary dwellings with every year breakthroughs and unconventional designs.

The goal of this blog is to document the manifold facets of a temporary city created in the desert and bring to a larger public the singularities of its ephemeral architecture.
To promote it, we award The Golden Rebars to any shelter, dwelling, camp that display the spirit of creation and togetherness governing Black Rock City.

Camps or installations misnamed? contact me:
brc(at)philippeglade(dot)com (plz:no flame, all smile)

This is a SFW blog. All the links are SFW.

This blog is a Ginormous labor of love, several hundred of hours of work, not counting the wait at the gate and the exodus, that I want to keep commercial-free adhering to the Decommodification principle.
If you share the same view and still read real paper books, you can support my book illustrating hundreds of solutions built during 15 years in the desert from 1996 to 2010 :

Edition was 1100 books, only o copies left : when it's gone, it's gone 

Remaining books for the USA and the world except Europe :  0
the book is sold out in the USA
(January 30 2014,  3 books from Europe will be restocked in the US)

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Black Rock City, NV the ephemeral architecture of Burning Man

This is the new version showing the city from 2011 to 2015
Only available here Enjoy!

2013 Table of contents
8 pages/400 images/81 posts  at the bottom of each column click older posts to access the next one

   3 ⇢ 10  The Golden Rebars Award
 11 ⇢ 18  Camps along the Esplanade
 19 ⇢ 34  Inside the City
 35 ⇢ 46  Tents/Hexayurts/Monkey Huts/Parachutes/Fabrics
 47 ⇢ 56  Trailers and RV's/Wood and Metal Frames/Containers
 57 ⇢ 71  Art Installations/Mutant Vehicles/Nightscapes
 72 ⇢ 81  Robot Heart/Citizens/Miscellaneous/Camp Déjà View

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Unlock your bike and enjoy the ride

Remember, Leave No Trace.

Super special thanks to Heather Gallagher (camera girl), Michael Vav.

Blog dedicated to Rod Garrett, the city designer/planner who for 16 years created and improved the original grid of the city. 
Previously: 2012  2011  2010  2009  2008  2007 to 1996

Great reading about ravers vs burners

Soundscape for the making of the blog BurridgeLight and Minds

All Images and Text ©Philippe Glade 2013



Don said...

Wull, dang. I love the concept but lightning didn't strike, i.e. my wooden house escaped your notice. I call it an octahut. It is basically the playa furniture concept extended to an eight foot tall, eight foot wide domicile that has survived four Burns and looks to endure many more. It stacks like a pile of plywood, can be set up by myself in about half an hour, and is completely stable in the highest of winds. I found a picture and have put it up for you here:

P.Glade said...

Hi Don thank you for stepping in and you just brought an answer to an old question of mine. From the description of your shelter (could not access the photo) I have seen it several times, over the years, and now thinking while typing I must have an image of it in the 2011 or 2010 parts of the blog, an image that might have gotten a golden rebar, not sure.
This year I saw it again but the lighting and the environment were not good enough for a good image. Sorry.
Is it a Playatech design (it looks like) or your own?
Next year let me know where you camp, make it nice around I will come for sure.

Anonymous said...
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