Thursday, September 27, 2012


In this entry about tents we are only looking at full size tent, remember Burning Man lasts a week with numerous costume changes, you do not want to come back to Defaultia with a ruined back. 

Camping at Black Rock City means that your tent must resist
 heavy wind pressure.

This tent underneath the shade cloth structure behaves well but 
being a 3 season type made with No-See-Um fabric, good for ventilation, 
it will gather a lot of dust. Good but no cigar. 

More and more popular and visible on the Playa, these All-season Kodiak Flex-Bow canvas tents will keep you dust-free without back pain. 
They are very similar to US made Springbar tents, so confident in their product they come with a lifetime warranty. These two tents are sensible choice for BRC.

After years of looking around at BRC and on its maker's web site, 
I finally found THE TENT.

This Outfitter Series XWT -  Xtreme Weather tent made by Cabellas looks tough and it is.
The owner of this one did not even bother to secure the guylines 
after a 35 mph storm.
An impressive Aluminum frame with bipod corners for stability secures the tent which feature zippers big as a thumb. 
Inside? There is too much room.
Only thing to complain about: why a black rainfly? Please. 
You can pass out, blackout, whiteout, French out, for 2 days on the playa and come back to your camp with peace of mind, it will be there.
This one is on my wish list for Santa.

On the more traditional desert camping side, this Bell circular tent is getting more followers every year.
His owner was quite happy with it. One place to get them.

Renaissance style for the Ganesh camp, the basketball hoop is optional.

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