Thursday, September 27, 2012




Got protection?

At this Plug and Play fortress clearly visible on the Satellite image was missing the check point and the drawbridge with the moat (next year?)

In-the-know curators of the art world call this a mixed media camp


Mark Brems said...

Hey Philippe,

I had not realized how deep your study of playa culture had become. Very informative. I was very happy to have been included as a representation of motorized couch culture. And thanks for turning me on the The KLF. How deep those roots go!

A bien tot,
Mark (Chuckles)

P.Glade said...

Thanks Mark, and yes the KLF" Chill Out" is a pivotal piece of the modern ambient scene of the 90's. This Masterpiece connects the work of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Steve Reich, Brian Eno.... with a new era where sampling could be used as an instrument. Part Killing Joke and the Orb, KLF with this album gave some fresh air to ambient.