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This blog has been created for the denizens or not of Black Rock City interested by the ephemeral architecture of the desert.

It showcases the different shelters that the Black Rock citizens have to come up with in order to survive in style (or not) the scorching sun and most of all, the almighty fierce winds.
Every year new designs come up, old ones are refined, same mistakes are made and next year, promise, it will not fly away.

Burning Man is an overwhelming experience, so to keep up with the visual overload that one might feel on the playa, I invite you to scroll down this miles long blog packed with hundreds of images. (hint, at the bottom of each page click on older posts to see the continuation, the blog goes from post #54 to #1)

Camp or installation misnamed? Feel free to contact me at: burn(at)

Trolls with E.D sorry no T&A it's a SFW blog (except for that image post #8  anyway, you will need a loupe)

I would like to thank all the burners for their terrific creations and constructions that make Black Rock City a unique place on earth.

Super special thanks to Heather Gallagher (camera girl), Patrick Ford and Lady Bee.


This blog is dedicated to Rod Garrett, the city designer/planner who for the last 16 years created and improved the original grid of a city in a deadly environment with 50,000 people, making the Burning Man experiment a phenomenon unique in the world. Few days before this year event, he embarked for the last rite of passage. R.I.P

2011 Table of contents

  • #54 to 45 The Originals
  • #44 to 40 Hexayurts, Metal frames, Van Brink/Lerner Domes
  • #39 to 34 People, Mutant cars, Art Installations
  • #33 Rosario Dawson Misting Gina
  • #32 to 30 PVC domes, Parachutes, PVC Rim Parachutes
  • #29 to 21 Camo, Domes, Wood Frames, Playadomes
  • #20 to 12 Along the Esplanade, Camps
  • #11 to 7 Monkey Huts, Yurts, Canvas, Cones, Tents
  • #6 to 1 Carports, Trailers, Houses, Tarps, Body Care
  • End Moi 

Weather talk: for the last two years the weather has been pretty mild no white-outs or freaky wind gust, except for the occasional dust devil randomly going through the city. This lack of strong winds is a little worrying since newbies or fresh burners might get used to these nice camping conditions and loosely tying down their shelters. As for the heat it's pretty much a personal perception, some says that it wasn't as hot as previous years, still, between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm it feels like someone forgot to turn off the oven in the kitchen.

Seat back, relax and don't forget to hydrate regularly.

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