Saturday, October 8, 2011

Right Now

(The 2011 part of this blog starts after this post)

The book finally is here

112 pages, soft cover, 195 photos, 16 years of ephemeral habitat in the desert.

ETA: right now

Thank you to all of you who already purchased the book, from the bottom of my heart I feel blessed to be part of such a strong and wonderful community.
I wish I could meet you on the playa in 2012.
Philippe Glade


Myriam Mahiques said...

Thank you for sharing, I´ve never been there but I´m not to far,

Myriam Mahiques said...

Ah, let me know when the book is ready, I also have the literature blog and can make a post about it,
thank you,

L&L said...

Bravo !

Your work is wonderfull ! We love your attention for details.
This blog remind us our amazing last burn experience.

A bientôt peut-être sur la Playa !

This year we were at 3:30 anniversay with the unforgetable camp : AquaZone

MaggieMayDay said...

Awaiting the book anxiously, so beautiful!

Hey, I was just down the block from Aquazone! Nifty! Anti M's Home for Wayward Art, near the Booby Bar in Terminal City. I am the really nice lady who gives away art.

Christina Nellemann said...

Awesome! I'm looking forward to it. Actually, I would like to write a post for the Tiny House Blog on the book. Could I contact you for a few photos from the book to add to the post? Thanks!