Wednesday, October 5, 2011

52 Originals 2

XL Golden rebar for the gracefulness of long time BRC landmark "The Chiton" created by 
D'Milo Hallerberg.
I hope that one day it will be featured on the Playa as an art installation-public shelter.

Golden strut for "The Gherkin" the only catenoid dome of Black Rock City built by Walter...

Breaking down.

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Brian said...

Actually there were two "Gherkin" domes on the playa in 2011. Since 2009 Automatic Subconscious, on the Esplanade at 3:30 has had a Gherkin dome. The dome sports a hippie cargo net at the top so participants can view the playa or look down into the dome to view the party. Included is a Silks rig, Performance stage, bar and wonderful art on canvas.
View photos at