Wednesday, October 5, 2011

51 Originals 3

Golden PVC pipe for this elegant structure

This blue umbrella gets overall golden rebar for ingenuity.
A truly amazing new addition to the ephemeral habitat of Black Rock.
It collapses like an umbrella and comes up as easy.
Designed by 2 brothers, Quill and Barley Hyde from Tonasket, WA.  23' of shade setup in 1 hour. BRAVO!!!

Also a new addition with this moon-base-like shelter made of wood panels covered with insulation film.
Created par Daniel Boone Brabon, he calls it the Pentayurt.

Inside it was really cool even with opened apex creating a nice air flow throughout the three rooms.

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Quill Hyde said...

My brother and I designed and built the blue dome. Our design constraints - 23' of shade, setup/Breakdown in an hour, $300 in materials (we had the pole), build in two days. Quill and Barley Hyde outta Tonasket Washington. We're working on the next generation design now using better wood and recycled billboard vinyl - good times. Thanks for posting the pictures!