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Black Rock City 2018


This blog is dedicated to the memory of Larry Harvey 
who envisioned a cultural phenomenon powerful enough 
to change the life of thousands of people all around the world. 

Larry left a precious legacy that every participant of 
the Burning Man event treasures and cultivates 
to hopefully make the world a better place.

LH 48-18 installation by Denny Smith  

"If you bring a little soul to the encounter,
 maybe you'll see something you didn't look for ......"
Larry Harvey 1948-2018

Larry, mon ami, bon voyage

Larry Harvey Memorial Spire by David Best 

Black Rock Desert with Old Razorback mountain and trash fence

Welcome Home 

From Center Camp to the Temple

Black Rock City 18 hosted a superb Burning Man event.
The weather was what one should expect coming 
to a high altitude desert: stormy, gentle, hot, cold, dusty, 
airy, stable, unstable, on a daily basis.

Big and bigger were the buzz words for camps, mutant vehicles, 
and art installations which brought 
a renewed interest to smaller, intimate creations as the 
Lekha Washington Two Moons, the gracious RadiaLumia or the luminous Hexatron

This year I, Robot theme was a hit with a lot of related art installations, 
Mutant Vehicles, theme camps and participants costumes.
Everyone seemed in a very good mood having 
easy connections, goofy interactions,
deep conversations and non-stop serendipity.

All weeklong my mantra was: Here and Now
By far, one of the best years of the event.   

 More images from this relentless caldron of creativity with these:
Superb video by Jamen Percy 
Magnificent Franchise Freedom Drone Ballet
Great first time experience by Gil Gillis
Erik Davis talking about the evolution of Burning Man
Fantastic 2005 Dicky Box performance

All links in this blog are SFW

The 2018 entry has around 250 images 
spread over two very long pages,
this page one with The Golden Rebar Awards and hundreds of camps
followed by page 2 with art installations and participants

Member of the Burning Man Documentation Team 
and burner for 22 years
I focus on the habitat and the architectural solutions 
developed in accordance with the Burning Man Principles

This blog was created to inspire and grow
a community of like-minded participants building a functioning city
in an inhospitable environment while having fun, mostly.

Over the last 10 years, thousands of images of camps, structures,
along with hundreds of reliable links have been featured.

The Golden Rebar Award was created to highlight the innovative
and most surprising shelters that I considered as important
as the art installations on the playa.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the city and its density, 
it is impossible to explore every nook of each block, 
I am sorry if I missed your camp and dwelling,
may be next year I will stop by.

Do not hesitate to drop me a line or two:

Since last year, the book that support this blog 
won 3 international awards for design and content
visible here

Check out this list your camp might be featured in it 

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BRC 2018

Golden Rebar for Rallying

Gratefulness to the Burner community 
who answered the call of Tom Price
to help the victims of the disastrous 
California Camp Fire

Golden Rebar for Architectural Landmark

Pod Mahal by Freeman Murray at Camp Disorient

In order to minimise a camp footprint, modify the skyline 
and offer great views, the option of going vertical has already been 
tested by the scaffolding Vertical Camp at Troy in 2011 and
the space cubes of the 2014 Lost Hotel.

The Pod Mahal is a new step in a direction that
cleverly explored could alleviate the ache of BRC population growth.  

These playa-condos could be asymmetrically and sparsely 
 spread out all over the city grid with overview by Placement 
to avoid the block and canyon effect of downtown buildings.

Freeman Murray with a team of 5 built in five stormy days 
a 4-story high building with steel shelving mostly 
used for pallet racks.
The upright frames and load beams are well known elements 
used in countless warehouses with a good track record 
of structural integrity and ease to assemble.
The white panels visible on the side are sliding windows.

Pod Mahal at Disorient Camp from the side

This honeycomb structure is made of 24 hexapods split in 
two 12-unit wings with the stairwells in between.
Described as a Chand Baori the hollow central space works
 as a communal spot for spontaneous gatherings and 
while alleviating the wind load on the entire structure makes it slender.

Pod Mahal communal life at camp Disorient

The stairwells act as spontaneous gathering spots for hexapod neighbours,
it brings an old-European feeling of neighbourly interactions.

Pod Mahal inside an hexapod

Even with a queen size mattress and a view to burn for, 
comfort is still on the spartan side. 

Let's hope for next year that designer Freeman Murray 
refines the finish of what could be a 
viable solution to the future of Black Rock City.

Colors or projection mapping could create distinctive neighborhoods
with original landmarks visible from afar.  

Golden Rebar for Ingenuity

Already awarded last year for their relationship with the scenery
 these two Octayurts still as the same location 
in the Mindfield refine the delicate folding door system.

The tape on all sides of the door works as a seal
keeping the octayurt fairly dust-free.
This tiny refinement answers 
the recurrent problem of the openings

A velcro tape on the two folded panels keeps
the door in high position when needed

Golden Rebar for Architectural Wonder

Galaxia Temple by Arthur Mamou-Mani and crew

The timber structure emerging from the playa 
and swirling up 60ft (18m) in the sky, 
majestically drew all the participants to its refined 
organic shape albeit, with a 200ft (60m) diameter,
complex geometry 

At the forefront oparametric architecture,
the French architect, Mamou-Mani, lectures 
at the University of Westminster 
and with his make-it-yourself lab FabPub allows
 designers to experiment with 3D Printing and Laser Cutting 

Some of his students participated with a crew of 125 volunteers 
to raise the temple in 22 days 
confirming what Mamou-Mani says about the city: 
it’s an architectural boot camp

Curved space trusses, the petals, providing all-around 
access corridors as well as alcoves for remembrance 
converged to a towering oculus where 3D-printed 
bio-plastic teardrops hanged to symbolise 
the collective grief and emotion of the burners.

You have already seen parametric architecture:

Zaha Hadid 
Frank Gehry
Jürgen Mayer-Hermann

The structural integrity of the temple was entrusted 
to the engineering team Format

In his spare time, Arthur Mamou-Mani
leads the must-read blog WeWantToLearn 
where you can learn how to generate
a voronoi diagram with phyllotaxis patterns!

“ The Temple celebrates hope in the unknown, stars, planets, 
black holes, the movement uniting us 
in  swirling galaxies of dreams ”

The temple was designed to burn fast

Golden Rebar for Cool Geometry

Osmos inflatable structure by John Hilmes 
at Camp Relaxomatic RX

The goal behind Osmos was to create a relaxing, 
communal space that felt secluded from the mayhem of BRC. 

With a height of 21ft for a diameter of 28ft its hyperboloid shape
achieved a decent structural integrity, while simultaneously attempting 
to recreate the behavior of air in cooling towers to keep occupants cool.

This "open air system" requires 6 fans to keep it standing 
while each one of the 42 "airbeams" 
serves as door by squeezing in between.

Next year, Hilmes will modify the profile 
for a wider top and a narrower bottom 
to prevent liftoff on windy days. 

Fake fur make a nice playground away from the playa.
Fashion wise it was Tutu Tuesday

Golden Rebar for Playa Bliss

The In-genius Sanctuary by Snowflake and Annie

Hidden in the back streets of the city this whimsical 
shelter with a steel frame structure could be mistaken
for a Mutant Vehicle at its support camp.
This Aladdin lamp was a chill pod, 
a sanctuary welcoming participants in need of cool,
 a place to regroup and catch up some sleep

The In-genius sanctuary inside by Snowflake and Annie
In a set worthy of the Arabian Nights, 
just waiting for Aladdin to wake up

Golden Rebar for Elegance

YOUniversal Persian Teahouse by Gregg Fleishman 

Gregg Fleishman talented artist/designer/thinker 
brought again in BRC one of his new creations.

Burners are accustomed to his signature geometric shapes 
that flat pack and are scalable thank to his clever connector node.
 Among other creations:
The 2011 Otic Oasis and the 2013 Temple of Whollyness 

Usually made with straight beams, his interlocking structures 
do not require any nails, glue or fasteners.

In 2018, with an improved node design
he decided to play with curvy beams to create
this elegant new addition to the Black Rock City skyline.

 It took about 2 days to assemble with 4-6 crew.  

 Persian Teahouse with Gregg Fleishman's node

For participants unfamiliar (is it possible?) with Gregg Fleishman's work,
 this nod is the base of his building system.

 This node is 25% smaller but with the same material 
thickness and number of parts (6).
 The module is reduced so the distance between 
nodes is also reduced by about 20%. 
The result is lighter parts, ease of set up, 
a more intimate scale and elegance.

YOUniversal Persian Teahouse camp by Gregg Fleishman

Gregg calls this system variation "Ortho Mode" 
because it integrates the 90 degree angles of the Cube 
with the 45 degree angles of the octahedron.

Inside YOUniversal Persian Teahouse

 The large space is a 2V domed or 
arched octahedral pyramid with cubic entries

Golden Rebar for Best Vibe Bar

The Prize Cock bar is a mobile home connected to a shipping container.
Made as an English pub it was a fun riot day and night 
with hilarious bartenders, darts game, stupid challenges 
and great tunes, at last.

The Prize Cock bar
At first, I thought being in a time machine
 (it would no be out of place at BRC) 
looking at Keith Moon bartending.

The Prize Cock with darts board, fire place, Her Majesty portrait, 
tongue-in-cheeck signs and no last call, here with Marcus and wife.

Golden Rebar for Celebrate the small

"Half-Baked" mutant vehicle at camp

When most of the mutant vehicles today 
look like a million (or two) dollars ego trip, 
it is refreshing to see that imagination and skill 
 always bring a smile of joy.  

Read before torching this blog

Photographer crisscrossing the city around the clock to document in earnest its colourful diversity,
I meet participants coming from all walks of life enduring the same harsh environment in multiple fashions that, being part of the Burning Man Documentation Team, I want to document.
My goal is to give a vision of the city as realistic as possible without restriction or prejudice.
The spartan living conditions of my camp "Déjà View" are the opposite of those offered in the following camp, one of many that by no means I want to enable or make the face of BRC.

Nevertheless, when a camp brings a clearly defined good natured state of mind with the goal to build a sustainable and reusable structure as well as aesthetic and effective, I must acknowledge it.

Already on the grid of BRC in 2017 Humano Tribe Camp came back this year with 2 new structures added to its floor plan, Cocoons and Lodges.
During the long trip from Mexico to Black Rock, some parts and gears "vanished" and could not be exactly replaced, incident that cascaded into problems finally resolved by hard work from the camp leaders eager to get a Green spot on the 2018 MOOP map.

Coming from Mexico, using 6-years-old bamboo grown in Chiapas with a clever system of plates and connectors designed in CAD, laser cut and also manufactured in Mexico, these structure were tested for 100 mph winds.

The project was led and manufactured by Javier Diaque (Causa.mx)
designed in collaboration with Luisa Correa (Bambuterra),
Veronica Correa (Kaltia) and Xavier Hierro (Precoor)

 Humano Tribe Camp

Communal spaces The Wellness (front) and the Nest (back)

Both structures are a combination of natural sustainable 
and renewable materials (Bambu beams) 
with high-tech steel joinery manufactured by Javier Diaque. 

They are designed as passive cooling systems which keeps 
them fresh and naturally ventilated as well as 
protected from the wind, sun and sand.
It takes about 4 hours to set up each one 
between 5 people using very basic tools

The Lodges 

They are prefabricated with reused timber and steel joinery, 
and the constructive system is designed 
to keep the assembly as quick and simple as possible. 
4 of them are up in 2 days between 5 people

The Cocoons 

Made with Bambu beams, it takes about 40 minutes to put up.
 They have an insulation foil inside, which keeps them 
cool during the day and warm at night. 
The canvas is wind and water proof.
The top can be opened for ventilation or star gazing.

 Inside a cocoon 

 The shower room


Camps should be visually stimulating, interactive and neighbourly.

A portal, fence, artful design and a visible name add 
to the spatial definition of camps,
and anchor the neighbourhood. 
A hint at the year's theme is even better

Camp Robot Repair and Tea shop

Under the porch two 1994 burners  

Robot Repair and Saloon Camp at Tetrix Village

The Grilled Cheese Incident Camp

Electric Safari Park Camp
The camp lead gave me his shirt when he learned 
that I had more burns than him,
only in BRC!

Camp Mission with theater marquee and the San Francisco Sutro tower
Two well known landmarks for San Franciscans 

Campsterdam with Bomb art car
Yin and Yang

Yellow Bike Camp

Desperados camp steel frame square structure

Desperados camp Fiesta menu for the week

Distrikt facade
Kudos to Distrikt which changes its appearance every year
 but keeps the same energy 

Foam against the Machine camp

Every year this super eco-friendly camp has a new frontage 
while keeping the same structures and sign.
It brings 25 000 gallons of water for the uttermost 
pleasure of lucky and patient burners

Foam against the Machine with its sculptural portal
made of papier maché created by Emma Hardy

Chill dome to visit after the experience at camp Foam against the Machine

Inside the experience space of Foam against the Machine camp
Challenging place for the shy ones,
of course no pictures while bliss happens.

Art Car Camp

Contraptionist camp

The New Barbarians camp

Cosmic Heart Temple at Camp Mystic

Panorama camp with its Deep Playa Diver MV

Camp Lovin'Oven

Mystopia camp

Camp Question mark
One sign, you know where you are

Ashram Galactica 14 camp 

Camp Awake from a Different Life

Never Never Camp saloon style

Camp ACBS Art Car Bus Stop with the bedazzle station

Camp Burning Watch and Camp 3-D Blow Jobs on Rod's Ring Road
Be always proud of your camp name, a sucker might take a picture

Camp 11:11
made of 2-inch schedule 40 aluminum pipes and plywood panels
An exemple of well organised and led camp by Izzle and Sizzle
where around 100 members live in a family-like atmosphere 

The Bar that is Never Open camp
with Bookie and Stache

Skeleton Puppets camp

Camp Playground with fake palm trees at sunset
 Landmark during the day as well as at night

Lord Piggloo's Nuclear Winter Wonderland Camp

a.k.a Camp Gingerbread

Sensor Gate by Sofy Yuditskaya

Located on the playa, one of the 5 satellites 
of the Sensor Gates installation surrounding 
The Temple of Incompletion (see page 2: Art)

This structure was an open shelter with 
water, resting pods and shade,
 sensible gifts for the playa traveller. 
Made with a one-size timber 16' long with simas connectors,
designed and fabricated by camp Disorient,
the module is set up fast with a crew of 2 

Camp Caravan of Light side of the main shade

Camp Caravan of Light inside the main shade

If a camp brings an original, one-of-a-kind design
 it stands out from the crowd and is an incentive for others to follow

Camp Hammock with 3-layer parachute shade

Scott Parenteau Camp

My faithful blog and book reader know already Scott Parenteau metal pods, 
and past recipient of a Golden Rebar. 

His new dome, on the right, is built with 
the insulation foam board used for Hexayurts.
Each square panel is protected by hard plastic edging 
making the assembly fast with zip ties or
 velcro ties to make it a true wast-free shelter.

It takes one person to build it.

The Burn Stream Court with its moving lighthouse
and second light on scissor lift

The Russian Submarine of
 Society for Temporal Preservation camp

The Rhombiyurt

In the ever expanding hexayurt family
there is a new yurt geometry 
designed by Matt Brand

The Rhombiyurt takes less material (EXCELLENT link great tutorial) than a hexayurt 
but provides ample headroom and floor space for up to 3 beds. 
It ships in one piece as a neatly folded strip of hinged panels, 
then unfurls into a dome that locks rigid 
and watertight via velcro edge flaps.  

Shelter covered with space blanket insulation with pod

Inflatable allows to be creative, joyful and unique

The Inflatable Zoo Camp

Inflatable Octopus Dj booth at camp Deep Sea Divers

The inflatable waiting room of 
The Phage Camp's Intergalactic Travel Bureau

We need colours to feel good and bring life to drab neighbourhood

Dave with his wife and their trailer

Hexayurts with painted RV

Big Puffy Yellow camp with yoga asanas

Big Puffy Yellow camp party

Camp Orange Dome with giant hammock

Pink Flamingo Camp

Comfort and Joy flags

Just married

Bubbles Boobs Camp

The main trend in shelters is the square-ish 
steel frame structures generally made of EMT
conduits easy to assemble in different shapes
thanks to a large offering of fittings. 

Camp D5 with steel frame square structure

Steel frame square structure

White Rabbit Army camp steel frame structure

Tents under steel frame shade structure

Camp I, Orbot

Eskimo Fatphish tents at Playaskool camp
A less expensive choice than Shiftpod

Ovary Camp

Incendia 5V dome with 3V satellite domes at Playaskool

Camp Sextant
A fixture of BRC

Camp Celtic Chaos lifted dome

Distrikt at rush hour with shade cloth

Tensegrity camp with porta-potties

Tensegrity with shade cloth

The Dog House
Morning coffee gift at Shot Fired by Joe Miller

The inspiration was the "shelter-half" commonly 
used by the US Army in the past.
Joe is a fan of artist Kenneth Snelson the master of tensegrity
where of compression and tension are clearly defined and balanced

Easy to set up shelter with aluminet and big pvc pipes

Camp Bang Bang aerial tension tent 

Tension tent Nomad

Camp Dirty Beetles with Nomad tent

Circus tent and wheels of the Compagnie Off

inside the circus tent of Compagnie Off

Airport Lounge

Funky Town Camp at sunset

Two stories wood structure at Funky Town Camp

Streetscape at dusk

RV City could be the nickname of Black Rock City,
they are ubiquitous.
Parked together they create lifeless canyons 
and are not visually stimulating.

No need to add joyless and lifeless images

Avion trailer by Fleetwood

Airstream trailer

My ride, in front of Not my ride

Cool bus Genesis

Tiny house on wheels

Home delivery, Amazon?

Containers at PlayAlchimist Camp

Camp Epic container shelters

Inside Epic camp with containers

Honey and Pears camp

Tents with swamp coolers

Haus Catz Camp with ghillie monkey hut

Coleman American Heritage tent model 8490-711 10 x 8
It lasted a week without a hitch except for the dust 
coming through the difficult to seal windows

Two modern yurts with white cover

Sun Trackers Camp at AEZ Village with triple-layer tarp 
and electricity provided by solar panels on top of the bus

The Outback camp with a 3.5 kW solar array and two wall batteries

DRASH tents at the airport

A perennial burner with his All-Terrain vehicle at Camp Dome Sweet Dome

Hell's bar near Portoparty Camp

Tribal Spirit Camp dome

Tribal Spirit Camp dome with shade fabric

Camp LED Dinausor
At first I though it was a collapsed dome, no. Kudos!

Camp Mystic with Lotus Belle Mahal tent and Bucky Dome

Camp Electric Oasis

Camp Electric Oasis at night

PlayAlchemist pyramid

PlayAlchemist pyramid space frame

Terrasailing at BRC

Distrikt bike parking with trash fence in front of vintage RVs

FFS camp

The best seat in the house?

Camp HEXperience

Martini Village in the storm

Martini Village after the storm 30 secondes later

Intersection plaza at 9 with Star Star camp, a tension canopy with 4-chord trusses

Silicon Village dome 6@E

Appropriated Dragon Camp at The French Quarter

Shower system at camp Color of Light
with Gregg Fleishman/Scott Mahoney nodes and beams
The straps positioning is extremely clever, it keeps the drape taught 
while allowing an easy entrance

Art Car camp inside the kitchen

Foam against the Machine kitchen

Camp 11:11 the kitchen

Water refill at the Inconvenience Store camp
A godsend!

Recycling station at Sextant Camp
Almost museum quality

Evapotrons system at Camp Heebeegeebee

Bonus Images

The Plaza

Robot Heart with Jan Blomqvist DJ set

What If all of This Is Real? Installation by Olivia Steele

Playaground camp dancefloor in the morning

Esplanade sign at 10:00 in storm

MV of the ASS (Art Support Service)

BRC Airport NV88

Old Razorback Mountain with railroad and Trego hot springs

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