Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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Black Rock City 2018

The 420 Spine installation by DPW

Art Installations 2018 map

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Perpetual Consumption Apparatus by Clayton Blake Art 30ft high

Perpetual Consumption Apparatus by Clayton Blake Art with participants

Robot Family by Anna-Gaelle Lucy Marshall and Dusty Visions 
at the Man Base

Robot Gothic by Chelsi Linderman at the Man Base

Xochipilli by Nicole Balestrere at the Man base

Telephatic Organism

Flobot by Jessica Levine

Paraluna by Christopher Schardt

Remembered Light by Dan Benedict

Hexatron by Mark Lottor 486 LED poles 20ft high in
  hexagonal shape 90ft diameter

Hexatron by Mark Lottor at night 

Ethereal Fleeting by Lukas Truniger, Itamar Bergfreund and Bruce Yoder
Lucas lives in my lovely city of Lille (France)

Rainbow Bridge by Josh Zubkoff  height 30ft width 75ft

HaHa... by Laura Kimpton with Jeff Schomberg

Night at the Climb In by Dustin Weatherford 70ft tall


Temporary homage to Michael Heizer first land art intervention 
in the Black Rock Desert in 1968 "Dissipate" 
5 orange markers, 10 T-stakes, 7 tranches, 
curated by Philippe Glade with the Heat Department.

Singularity by Rebekah Waites and the Singularity Crew 35ft high

Singularity by Rebekah Waites and the Singularity Crew 
inside with the tiny houses encased

Singularity by Rebekah Waites and the Singularity Crew 
inside showing the first house in cage

Black Rock Blind Tiger by Tiffaney Lee Benson with crew

Black Rock Blind Tiger by Tiffaney Lee Benson with crew 

Odd Jelly Out by Uckiood - Missy Douglas and Kim Rask

Reach Forklift-Zoom Boom-Telehandler with The Color Wheel of Compagnie Off

The Flower Tower by Kevin Clark and Reared in Steel @9 plaza

WISH by Robert James Studios 50ft tall 

RadiaLumia by FoldHaus collective
Superb video

The Orb

Crew members of the Orb working on Danish hardware
for the mast baseplate that looks pretty solide
The empty spaces will be filled 
with pre-made concrete slabs

Concrete slabs for The Orb base
Safety First

The Orb's mast lifted by giant cranes, 
an art installation by itself

Scaled at 1/500 000th the Earth surface
The Orb 
created by BIG's Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange 
with a crew of 15

The 2-layer silver enveloppe of 82ft (25m) diameter
developed  by Quim Rabassa from Aera Cubica
had an area of 21 500sqft (2000m2)

The Art Statement and Engineering Feat of BRC18

Under The Orb

Engineered to withstand 75mph (120km/h) winds

The Orb with the Rainbow Bridge at dusk

The Orb ~  Eno ~ KLF

The Orb mast lasted a week long 
30t (66 000pounds)
105ft (32m) high
1000hrs to weld the square space frame trusses
no fondations just a baseplate

Burn of Temple of Incompletion by The Eye 

Temple Galaxia by Arthur Mamou-Mani 

The sirens of Galaxia with "sing LARRY LUH YAAAA...."

 Larry Harvey homage painting at Galaxia 

 "See you when I see you"

Galaxia Temple under the oculus

Temple Galaxia Burn

Temple Galaxia after-burn

Once you burn the Man you must pack up the MOOP

Mini art by John Foster

Standing Kaleidoscope 
by Greg Barron and Michelle Taniguchi

Looking up the stairwell 

Standing Kaleidoscope by Greg Barron and Michelle Taniguchi 
part of the Frigate Monaco Playa Pete's Plaza 

Larry Harvey memorial by David Best

Classic Slide MV

Mayan Warrior MV with face designed by Rodrigo Kano 

Kitty Cat MV by Tom Kennedy

Skeletons and jail MV

Nomads on Wheels at
camp Caravan of Light
engineered by Montreal team of Dix2 
art by Carlito Dalceggio

The Temple with Abraxas MV and smaller MV

Sunrise in the camp through the crescent art car

MV at dusk facing the Calico Mountain

The craziest bike on the playa

In Every Lifetime I Will Find You by Michael Benisty 

with Ben and Victoria

Finally I am getting your attention



HRH with family at Disorient

Michel soul boxing me

A very agile burner on top of a 400lb(180kg) sphere
4.5ft (1.3m) in diameter part of
"Sisyphus" by Dylan Fairbanks and the Sisyphus Collective 

Team building spirit with random burners help 
to keep the Orb envelope from flying away
Front Quim Rabasssa

Bjarke Ingels with Laurent de Carniere at the Orb

Jakob Lange

Sculptor Timeless pinpointing his art installation

Audrius a.ka. Doctor Sausage

Hello BRC style

Reverend Billy Talen from The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir 
working the crowd at Foam Against the Machine 

Mothersucker with Mother and Motherfucker 
(playa names)

Bonnie Morgan stuntwoman from Sextant camp with her mutant bike

Participant on Distrikt art car at Pink Mammoth

Useful Playa fashion

Colourful Participants

Understated playa fashion

The Eye chillin' at camp Disorient

William Eggleston "Big Wheels" homage curated by Philippe Glade

Camouflage net shade with lag screw anchorage

The Color Wheels from the Compagnie Off

Unfinished wood dome structure with rond connectors

 Inside the steam room of The Humano Tribe Camp

Mixed media site-specific Intervention curated by Philippe Glade

Camp Déjà View

Camp Déjà View at dusk before raising the tarp

Camping solo, I have to pace myself 
in order to come back in one piece
and unload safely the gear until next year.

Several tables and chairs of different hight are 
key components of the system,
for keeping non-structural equipment off the ground in order 
to avoid dust accumulation and leave the space uncluttered 
for safe circulation inside and around, day and night.

Prior to the above image, the tables and cot are used to 
sort out the different sized rebars (53), poles (22) and
guylines (27), because doing it on the ground 
is a real back-breaker, a waste of energy 
and a source of mistake or accident.

Orange rebar caps are always on, no need to explain.

This year because of windy conditions, for 4 days in a row
my camp was in that state, just waiting for a lull in the weather 
to rise up the white tarp without ballooning.
At night the cot was positioned against the van windbreaker. 

My Camp Déjà View

The lull arrived, it took me 45 minutes to have everything taught and straight,
intentionally I don't add anymore the walls made of stretch fabric,
the camp is transparent few people notice it 
and I enjoy a spectacular scenery.
At night the cot is pushed back against the van, at least I have a roof. 

Camp Déjà View

A mailbox is home

The author in full regalia



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Charlie Guthrie said...

The 63rd photo on your second page, with caption "?!" was a guy standing on one of four balls that were part of "Sisyphus", by Dylan Fairbanks and the Sisyphus Collective https://burningman.org/culture/history/brc-history/event-archives/2018-event-archive/2018-art-installations/#a2I0V000001AE1CUAW

P.Glade said...

Thanks Charlie for the comment I will update the caption. I could not believe it when I saw this guy drinking a beer on top of the ball, going back and forth as if on roller skates, he made my evening.