Monday, October 16, 2017

Art Installations + Participants + Camp Déjà View

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Art Installations 2017

Thunderbirds by James Tyler

Action Figure Family by Jallen "Whee-zel" Rix

Of Temporary Nature by P. Michael Quinn

The Playground in the afternoon

Fly with Me by Mariia Rykhlovska

Ascension by Crimson Collective

Connection Station

Fabric flowing with the Wind  Please name?

Margareta Appalachia by Mike Eros

Temple of Forbidden Symmetry by The Eye 2017

Temple of Forbidden Symmetry by the Eye and Angel Queen by Randy Polumbo (left)

Angel Queen by Randy Polumbo

Aluna by Juan David-Marulanda-Lopez  with Old Razorback Mountain

Solipmission by Dadara

Art Installation in the wind   Please name?


Everything you need is inside you by Flinder Gray

Sysimetsa by Laynajoy Rivas and Eva Reiska with the Landing Ravens Art Collective

Chapel of stage your own death and the Marriage of Convenience by Keith Greco

Tree of Ténéré by Zachary Smith, Alexander Green, Mark Slee and Patrick Deegan

Tree of Ténéré with hammock in branches

Tree of Ténéré with Stravinsky's Rite of Spring performance

Art Installation at the Artery 

Morning panorama

The Temple 2017 by Steve Brummond, Marisha Farnsworth, Mark Sinclair and Temple Crew
The donated timbers came from dying trees because of bark beetle,  harvested in the Sierra Nevada.

The Temple Spire

The Soldiers Cross at the Temple 2017
This image was the most difficult I took, the intensity of the moment was palpable with the veterans inhabited by their grief and sorrow.

One of many shrines at the Temple

Temple in the evening

Temple burn night with Mutant Vehicles

Temple at night.
Image dedicated to Diane and Sean that I met at this spot while I was trying to get a clean image of the Temple.

Temple Burn Night

ILumina by Pablo Gonzalez Varga

Wings of Hands

Wings of Hands detail

The Pier by Matthew Schultz 2017 with the Master Bait Shop

Price upon Request, a land art installation curated by Philippe Glade

The Rainbow Raceway with Monty the Monorail

You Are not Lost.You are Here. Installation

The Man in the Temple of the Golden Spike face

The man in the Temple of the Golden Spike

The Man panoramic

Man's Burn 2017

XOXO  by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg 2017

XOXO  by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg with 9 different lightings

Robot Heart 2017

Bike Racks at Large Scale Sound Camp

Cruise America with dusty bikes

Mutant Vehicles waiting at DMV evening

Mutant Vehicles waiting at DMV

Mutant Vehicle face at night

Big Red beetle by Kirk Strawn

The Airpusher

The G Spot Mutant Vehicle near Public Display of Awareness by Olivia Steele

The G Spot a.ka. the Glorious Gastronomic Galactic Griddle
Few minutes after the previous image I spotted again the strange shape of the stopped mutant vehicle with its passengers busy laying out tablecloth for an impromptu dinner offered with (faux) Champagne to anyone passing by. Needless to say, starving, I was the first guest to break bread with random compagnons de table.

David Best Temple Art Car

Bounce Mutant Vehicle

Spirit Crusher the sign shop Art car

Shaguar mutant Vehicle

Feral Mutant Vehicles

Feral Mutant Vehicles orange

10 Legs Rainbow Mutant Vehicle
Who needs a million dollars art car to have fun

Atomic Bomb Mutant Vehicle

Mutant Vehicle with fire cannon

Rabid Transit 2017 by Duane Flatmo and crew

Flower Truck at sunrise

Mutant Vehicle with bikes

The Island at night

Spike the Big Red Dragon

Rooster mutant vehicle 

Robot Heart waiting at DMV

Virtual Reality installation by Androïd Jones and Microdose VR

Humano Tribe Camp 2017 Entrance

Humano Tribe Camp detail of node 

Mandala at Anahasana village


Le Baiser

Yana, a stilt artist

Trend Setter

Le Baiser arc-en-ciel


Trend Setter

Trend Setter Randal a.k.a. Dress Code

Oh, say can you see

Street cleaning by a patriot doing his part

The parade to the Man

Sharkey's Bar and Lounge naked party 2017

Lamplighters 2017 off duty

Happy Campers

Burners from Japan

International Burners

With my dear friend Louis Brill, we practice every Sunday morning a handstand workout,
but we will never reach this level of skill shown here, Kuddos, Bravo!


Participant taking good care of his skin

James Franco, Actor

John Curley, Photographer

Leo Villareal, Artist



No Comment

Justinien from the Front Porch with his super duper bike

Camp Déjà View after a 7 hour solo setup.
The rental markings were later covered with butcher paper.

Nothing on the ground except the blue portable water tank acting
as an anchor at the middle of the tarp.

5 tables, two cots, several folding chairs, one more time I saved my back.

All rebars are covered with orange rebar caps for active safety, on top of it a piece of reflective tape participate to passive safety at night.

Underneath the shade, it did not change much during the event except for
the view that soon got blocked.
The cot was used to rest and sleep under the canopy.
With the years I realised it was not necessary to spend time hanging the "walls" with the yards of stretch fabric that I still bring in case of.
I live in the open, I see the neighbours and the neighborhood evolving.

Two weeks went by very fast.
I met many people, had great conversations with The Eye, Javier Diaque,
Diego Dasal Stieglitz and Torrey Sarge Smith
Lost 6 pounds and came back in one piece.
Mission Accomplie.

After 21 visits to BRC since 1996, this was the last one.

Bye, I will miss Black Rock City and its citizens.

je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais

Very soon, my book will not be available for the reasons mentioned
on the first post of this 2017 blog edition.
You can still support what was a work of passion for the last 10 years.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to know why 2017 was your last burn after 21 years. Would you write a post about it? Thanks for your inspirational photos and books of which I have the 1st. Polvo, Bruxelles.