Friday, June 2, 2017


Found randomly, this exceptional land installation by Jim Denevan in 2009
check it out with more details

Back to normal on June 15

video by Joe Childs

On May 30, this was the state of the playa

Check out the video by Joe Childs

And if you can make it by end of August you must watch this video made by D.A., head of the Restoration Team, the guys who should not have to clean up your mess after the event.

did you get it?

A must-read for leaving a pristine playa in September.
The header photo is by John Curley.
The background is Old Razorback Mountain 5,600ft/1706m

There is no Plan B, there is no Planet B


novingate20 ya said...
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Mies said...

Hello Phillipe, Thank you for making this beautiful photo’s. Is it okay if I Would pin them on Pinterest? Ofcourse with the right credits: your name and a link to this website.

Mies said...

This is my page on Pinterest:

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