Friday, July 24, 2015

Participants...Abstract...My Camp: Camp Déjà View...Selfies 2015

A center of Attention

It is difficult for the parents not for the kids

Acro Yoga at Center Café


Artiste Rex Norman aka Killbuck 2015 looking at his creation the Banerline at the Man Base

Steven Raspa with friends
Steven for President 2016

Meghan with her band The Megaflame Big Band and Cabaret performing at the Midway

The only Sidney Erthal photographer

Mon copain Français le photographe Tristan Savatier à mon camp pour partager quelques bières, des histoires de photographes et bien sûr refaire le monde à la Française. Un bon moment de détente et de retrouvailles.

René Raphael designer of the Bra and The Witch Hat at Camp Animal Control 

Clifton Jaeger in front of his creations the Mini Homes at camp Psyclone

Danger Ranger with his nomadic shelter. This year he decided to pack light and travel all around the city to find new friends and get the creative spark going.

Absolute respect for this anonymous burner who made his costume, click the image to see the details.

A.Mendez with friend at the Pele Fire Honolulu Camp 

Selfie time

Double selfie time

Selfie at Robot Heart

Friday morning Robot Heart party from above

Close up from above

This is a well protected party.
Against a Klingon invasion?

That morning, temperature was barely above freezing point, observe how people are close to each other in an open space. There is no personal space, highly unusual. People behaved like penguins in Antartica with a slow rotation inside-out, the ones at the center slowly leaving room to the ones on the cold rim.

Gorgeous loving couple at Robot Heart

Kinky at Distrikt. Kinkier next year!

Friday sunrise at Ooligan Airways
So cold!!!!!

The 11th principle: You must be at Distrikt by 5:00pm

Upbeat crowd at Distrikt

Thursday morning with Abraxas family

Stilt walkers

The final point of the white procession

Skilled jugglers at Abraxas 

Trevor Moontribe aka Desert Dwellers spinning on top of Abraxas, his set was sublime, in phase with the moment, my second best memory of this year (best memory is one hour of gong vibrations at Gong Vibes camp, a complete brainwash), if only all the dancefloor could have DJ's like him BRC would be an even better place.

How can I describe the mood of the crowd that morning, ecstatic? in trance? I was.

Belle jeune femme

Belle femme pleine d'amour

A character

William Close with the Earth Harp 

Miller Time
Monday afternoon every body is super duper relax, the best day of the event

Anonymous performer inside the 60ft dome of Camp Do more Now
I felt embedded in a scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, surreal.

Series of Abstract images

6V dome


Chakra Check-up

Maze at the base

Circles into a sphere

Delicate burners

My camp, Camp Déjà View
Nothing stays on the ground 

At night, I sleep on the cot in the center

Is it really spartan?

At work, on the top of Camp I.A.M.U.

Self-portrait with my beloved Utilikilt

Finally after 13 days in the desert I am getting ready to have my first real meal at a potluck, the best evening of the event .

I would like to thank all the people I met, talked and laughed with.

see you next year



Christina Nellemann said...

Hi Philippe. I'm sorry we missed saying goodbye to you! We left early due to a back injury, but I'm so looking forward to your photos!

P.Glade said...

Hi Christina I am so sorry I missed you. I thought you were busy on the playa or in the city. What happened? Are you seriously hurt?

Anonymous said...

Those are lenticular clouds... the BM blog talked about towering alto lenticulars :)

P.Glade said...

Thanks anonymous