Thursday, October 24, 2013

9/ The Golden Rebars Awards 7/ The Landmarks

Golden Rebar for BRC Landmark

The Chiton by D'Milo Hallerberg.
Shelter and community space made of steel tubing and nylon cloth, the Chiton blurs the lines between
architectural concept and art installation, a feat few architects in the default world are capable of.

21 feet high, 22 feet long and 45 feet long.

We need several of them disseminated all over BRC.

Golden Rebar for BRC Landmark

The Gherkin.
This cateno├»d dome, formed by rotating a Catenary curve about its axis, was designed by Walter, who chose this optimum shape for a self-supporting arch by following a simpler version of the mathematical equation used on the Eero Saarinen's St. Louis Gateway Arch: f(x)=(4*cosh(2.5))-(4*cosh(x/4)). Yeah.


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