Wednesday, October 23, 2013

81/ Camp Déjà View

On the left, my neighbor, Frank W., with his own and unique 4-poles tensegrity structure.

2 Tarps, 1 camouflage net, 23 aluminum poles, 46 rebars. 6 hours to set up alone, a ritual year after year. It looks fragile but even in the worst storms I barely had major worries.
For the last 3/4 years, I don't put anymore the stretch fabrics on the 3 open sides, I realized that people don't look too much inside camps. Being this way, my camp is almost transparent, fluid, nothing is on the ground except the counterweight mid tarp. I don't come to BRC to be inside walls, I want to have a panoramic view of my surroundings, be part of it. At night nobody sees me sleeping on my cot and I wake up at the break of dawn.

Every camp builder is waiting for this moment, when the wind puts the structure to the test, even better when it's the last day, you just want to have maximum pressure, encore, encore. Exhilarating, tense and liberating at the same time. Going to Black Rock City you have to experience this situation.

Self-portrait in action
Kilt by Utilikilt of course
Same bike for the last 17 years, first year I was on foot, still remember the long commute between the city and Techno city.

See you next year.

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