Wednesday, October 23, 2013

65/ The Temple of Whollyness 2

 Taken from the tumblr page of the temple posted by PigalleInWonder here some numbers and explanations:

0 nails
603 major struts
45 different shapes
10,775 pieces of wood
81,000 pounds of wood
4,000 square feet of shade
100% constructed out of wood
202 14’ triangular surface sections

The Temple is comprise of a main pyramid standing high at 64’ with four corner pyramids, covering an overall footprint spanning 116’x116’. At the centre of the main pyramid there is an Inuksuk altar, 15 feet tall by 10 feet wide, sculpted by the artist James LaFemina. The Temple structure is bordered by a shaded enclosed courtyard. The exterior shade is a hand made piece of textiles art by four Shady Ladies, Bunnie Reiss, Carmel Dunlap, Abi Kelly and Rachael Fisher.

Complex mathematical calculations and sacred geometry lies at the heart of the Temple’s design, with the number three as a reoccurring motif. The Temple for 2013 is represented by a three sided triangle with a third eye. This eye represents the third year in a row that a triumvirate of artists - Gregg, Lightning and Syn - have collaborated to build large scale art pieces at Burning Man.

17 – 20 tons weight of Inuksuk altar sculpted by James LaFemina

Read the astonishing MOOP report for the temple. BRAVO.

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