Wednesday, October 23, 2013

60/ Art Installations 4

Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane and the Bliss Dance Crew
Model is Deja Solis
Taken from the Indiegogo page some data:

Standing 55 feet tall and weighing 7,000 pounds Truth is Beauty is constructed using 

55,000 single welds
25,000 feet of steel rod and pipe
6,500 steel ball connection points
2,000 square feet of stainless steel mesh

This very sweet sculpture was near the Department of Tethered Aviation, I couldn't find its name and creator, please leave comment.

Fractal Cult by Thanasis Korras
This piece was built by the students and tutors of Diploma Studio 10, University of Westminster, UK

? Please help for ID

Templum Caelestis Oculus by Donovan Allen and Amy Philips/grrrOxide 
at the 3:00 Plaza

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