Wednesday, October 23, 2013

48/ Trailers & RV's: the good side of

Since the very beginning, RV's and Trailers made Black Rock City. Classic or beat-up you can see them in all early images of BRC, without them no event. Mostly owned by burners themselves they had character, style and variety. Americana at its Best. Today the city has grown larger, denser, with participants unwilling to let go their day-to-day comfort and lifestyle, thus the thousands of big, obnoxious, rented RV's doting any block of the city. This post is dedicated to the burners keeping with some sort of old school spirit. The next post #49 will show you some apocalyptical views of what an RV's city looks like. Ugly. 

Old Timers.

The Grand Daddy of All

Trailers as Installation.

More cowbells, more teardrops!


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