Thursday, October 24, 2013

35/ Tents 1

Hands down winner of full size tent, The Kodiak Flex-bow canvas tents.
A rare sight before, you could count hundreds of them this year.

Next Year Was Way Better.

Renaissance style for Camp Uli Baba and the Horny Thieves

Renaissance style, notice the very large tarp on the ground to keep the dust level low and control MOOP.

Could we get some info about this lovely tent at Alternative Energy Zone Village ?

Gary, the owner left a comment: this tent from camp Jellyfish is a 1973 Moss Optimum 350 hand made by Bill Moss Tent Works Camden Main, one of 7-10 ever made.

Doing a little bit of research I realized that Bill Moss created the technology of 'Tensioned fabric" that we see everywhere - just look at the many Parawing catenary cut tarp - at BRC and also created the first "pop-up" tent that revolutionized camping. Take a look and more images.
This tents because of their hight quality of realization have a cult-like following.

With History of Gear, Bruce B. Johnson, tells the fascinating and intertwined stories of the modern camping gears makers, a must read for anyone interested in the outdoor gears.


Gary Ramelow said...

Camp Jellyfish Alternative Energy Zone 1973 Moss Optimum 350 By Bill Moss Tent Works Camden Main

Shawn Mower said...

Thanks for your comments on the Kodiak Flex Bow Tent. They seem to be great products that are well built with high quality material.

Kodiak Canvas Tents said...

The Kodiak Canvas Tents seem to also be big at the Burning Man event.

Kodiak Tents said...

Those are some cool pictures. I like the aerial views.