Thursday, October 24, 2013

29/ Camps 11

Fractal Planet well organized camp.
Stretch fabric, Teepee, Wood shade structure.

This wood shade structure, the living room of the camp was created by Michel Duvernet who describes it: "the 4 roof panels each have 4 wheels and roll along the top of tracks on the wood structure, allowing the whole to open and close. 
When at music festivals the roofs serve as video-mapped projection surfaces, along with other screens following the same aesthetic.
About 20 of us who work for Shambhala music festival in Canada, just outside Nelson BC, had come down to help set up and take care the 'hosting and crew' portion of the camp and represent our festival. 
As I manage, design and build the 'Living room' stage there, and own the structure, I thought it a perfect opportunity to share with the Fractal Planet camp and beyond… It served well as a shade structure/ hang-out area/ lounge/ dance floor… "

The giant saddle tent of Camp Skinny Kitty Theahouse.
At night it's splendid on Jim Laux's picture.

The Lesbian Glory Hole at Camp Beaverton for Wayward girls: Meet the Beavers.
That was a pretty busy week, we are just wondering about the Oval Ascension workshop, is it a new yoga asana or a chakra I should be more in touch with?

Allons enfants de la Patrie!
Le jour de gloire est arrivé
L'étendart sanglant est levé


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