Thursday, September 27, 2012

7/Golden Rebars-4

2012 was the year of the Hexayurt, they were everywhere in Black Rock (1000?)

This double H13 from camp Oasis 47 gets a Golden Rebar for the clever design of the vestibule connecting two Hexas. We also greatly appreciate the growing trend of setting the logo side of the insulating panels inside, Burning Man is about Decommodification.
More Hexayurts entry 21

4 2x4 + 2 ropes, no nails, no drilling, tight knots, Frank Wilson deserves a Golden Rebar for his tensegrity-like structure that lasted the week.

Square shape before putting the shade cloth.

After, a contemporary Bedouin.

Kuddos and Golden Rebar for this tiny "Desert Shade Cabana"
an efficient and fast to setup shelter.
The PVC pipes were 6 feet long to fit the car of Sue V. who tested it in her Southern California High Desert farm with 70 mph wind.

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