Thursday, September 27, 2012

51/Camp Déjà View

A reminder: Leave No Trace the survival of our/your/my city depends on this intangible rule.

The MOOP Map
The MOOP blog by the Hun and the MOOP team, a must read

Green Camp "Déjà View" chez Philippe

Home, dusty home

Last day, wide angle handheld is never flattering for self-portrait

Same place, same time, same mind, next year....

You survived this lengthy blog, congrats, you are Playa material.

Want to see Wayyyy better images of Black Rock City and Burning Man?
Unplug your phone, update your social media status as "off the hook", get a barrel of 50 hrs energy drink and schedule a neck massage after going to these terrific photos/videos places.

Lastly, some images on these sites might not be SFW. Yeah!!!

NK Guy
Scott London
Tristan Savatier
Barbara Traub
Neil Girling
Julian Cash
George Post
Eric Schwabel
Ales Prikryl
Stewart Harvey
Michael Holden
Christopher Michel
Rick Egan

The Aerial video of 2012 fasten your seat belt
Burning Man 2012 good editing a lot of art installations great Man burn
Aerial Temples Temple of Juno/Opulent Temple at night
Places you will go  super sweeeeeeet video 2011
2010 Aerial shows well the city's layout
Halcyon Pink Man says huggable things
Burning Man has a Kiki very funny burners having authentic fun
Crotches of Burning Man hilariously funny and clean, wiggle, wiggle, man
Car Hunt THIS IS NOT BURNING MAN but old skool fun in the desert

BRC Weather
Eplaya the playa for those 51 weeks. Any questions? Go to this community hub. Unavoidable
Burning Man Blog the official blog
Burners.Me regularly updated with news
Black Rock Arts Foundation you have an idea? They might help you
Irregular Shelter craving for more shelters? You won't be disappointed
Tiffa Novoa  the apex of Playa fashion. She created it
Friends of Black Rock Desert get involved!
Black Rock City, LLC versus Pershing County everything about the lawsuit

To end everything about Black Rock City and Burning Man, Dust to Dust an exceptional 5 min time-lapse video showing 5 weeks of ingress and egress, from before to after the event, where the magnificent landscape of the Black Rock Desert and its weather pattern are the main features.

This blog was finished the day Felix Baumgartner fell into Hearth enjoy his jump with 4 min of free fall bliss.

Special tribute to Patrick Edlinger who revolutionized the world of free solo rock climbing in the 80's.
At the 4:30 mark hold your breath and just enjoy perfection in action.
The documentary that changed everything in rock climbing.

My work in Defaultia                                       brc(at)

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