Thursday, September 27, 2012

4/Golden Rebar-1

The Metal Pod Cabins

Every year a shelter out of the ordinary stands out on the Playa, treasure of ingenuity or groundbreaking design, Center Camp CafĂ©, the Hexayurt, the Van Brink Lerner dome, the Playadome, the Chiton, the Gherkin... 

Years of experience have helped refine structural and design glitches making them reliable and familiars sights in a very, most say extremely, disorienting environment.

A better understanding of the terrain in conjunction with a fluid urban layout allows new ideas, new directions to thrive, to break the mold. 

Tin Man, FIRST TIMER, smashed it, alone.

Master of his trade, metal, he created amid a busy work schedule, in one year with his foreman Steve, three Metal Cabin Pods with their companion, the Walking Pod.

The result is a radical design, although angular, that transcends the participative and innovative spirit making the fabric of Black Rock City and Burning Man.
Even with best laid plans, the Playa rules: too tired Tin Man couldn't set up the taller third pod and the pointy legs of his mutant vehicule dug into the soft ground, minor set backs. 

Can we expect a tiny village next year?

  Outstanding Golden Rebar 2012

Where are we?

Set up time: a day and a half, alone.
Hot air rises through the galvanized steel bottom pod, comfortable all times, to the top rusted carbon steel pod cooling off quickly with a vent panel.
Insulation inside each panel kept heat out.

Top pod is the bath with a stainless tube underneath the floor panel made of trap doors. At night the pod was used as bedroom.
A connected taller pod, the loft bedroom, couldn't made it this year but will in 2013.
Water run out the pod via a flexible hose into a grey water drum.

The Walking Pod

Inspiration: Theo Jansen's Standbeets a MUST see creation.

Top Speed: 0.2mph (Pershing county LEO hates him)
Carbon Steel Panels         1,800 lbs
2 Gear drives from commercial dishwashers/ solar and wind generator for the 800W battery.
3 months concept and building with his shop foreman, Steve.
Assembled in 2 days, alone.

Already got some friends.

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I could survive the playa in these!