Thursday, September 27, 2012


Heebeegeebee Healers camp part of the Nectar Village: a collective of 65 alternative modality healers known for their massages, Reiki, workshops on yoga, meditation, non-violent communication...

Superb Parachute structure for an a well organized camp, see its shower Entry# 34 Shower Systems.

The Hammock Hangout camp by Paul de Jong with a double layer of parachutes.
A nice place for taking a nap in one of the 50 hammocks there before dusting off your French with some of the Krazy french living there.

Some numbers:
Half a mile of rope for the hammocks.
1200' for the main (big) rope.
10,000' of parachute lines.
The one making knots will go to camp Spank me!

Size matters for some.

Ribbon/ring parachute offers some decent shade without the ballooning effect.

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