Thursday, September 27, 2012

32/Participants-3 The B.L.M boards La Llorona

End of the week, the sun just set, the ambiance around the La Llorona was extraordinary, everybody was happy, smiling, connecting, the apex of my BM experience (I was crying like a baby tears of joy).
Suddenly, hundreds of officers of the Bureau of Land Management (B.L.M) with their drug sniffing dogs move over en masse to the boat. 
A drug bust? A moving violation? Obama landing on the Playa?

No, just a spontaneous photo souvenir meeting. 

At the same moment an Art car loudly played Bad Boys by Inner Circle to the giant hilarity of the participants surrounding the boat. 
Finally everyone clapped and cheered the bad boys.
5 minutes later they left and the burners, some of them clearly relieved, came back on board.

Good boy

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