Thursday, September 27, 2012


At first this looks like the perfect sporting good for the Playa.

After an exhausting 7 hours drive and a 3 hours wait at the gate, you unzip the carrying bag and 2 minutes later, Voila! You are the king of the hood, no sweat, crack a beer, seat back and relax watching your neighbors assembling Hexayurts or domes without ladders. 

Usually this blissful moment lasts until the first real gust of wind.  

These canopies are great for your garden or a picnic in the park.
At BRC you roll the dice, some will resist a week long, other will end the day as a meaningful Art Installation worth thousands of moula in some Geary street art galleries.

If you choose the highest grade you are golden like Camp Sake to Me.

Here an illustration of the coin toss, one canopy is in so-so shape, the next one doesn't care about the dust storm happening. Camp Last Bar Standing lasted the entire week and was the last bar standing on the playa (this is my last image taken on my way to exodus through a nascent storm).  

If you are able to score one of them on the net, these Northpole Party Shade are easy and fast to setup, they are no dust-proof by far but they offer a big and resistant shade. 

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