Thursday, September 27, 2012


A new addition to the BRC skyline. At night you could see floating pyramids.

The creator of the above camp, an artist in his own right, gifted me with one of his sculpture.
(contact me).

Argyre Patras (see entry#40) decided this year to use the fabric of a weather balloon for shelter.


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argyre said...

Actually, this structure was designed and built by Ted Hullar.
The fabric is from a high altitude research balloon, which is diminished on the top surface. Very opaque.
I help assemble this, most years.
It is a very large square footage shade structure.

If I could find more of this fabric, I would duplicate the parachute that I use in my older shade structure design, and use that.
This fabric is so much more opaque than the ejection seat parachutes that I have used, that it probably is ten degrees cooler underneath.