Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 Tents

Three of the hundreds of North Pole Party Shade on the playa. Cheap and easy to set up, everyone seems to love them, I would add more guidelines to really secure them, the last three years the wind has been really mild. Hot item to find since the company phased it out years ago.

Springbar, one of the few canvas tents that I would love to purchase, sturdy and roomy, more and more visible in the city.
Kodiak Canvas makes a similar model.

Great tent for camping in the park, but the mesh walls makes them a dust magnet and no real man wants to have his pink tutu dusty before coming out.

The joy of camping: the neighbor snoring world champion, the next door couple making out loudly...
Also again on the left a Springbar.

Once these easy to set up garden shades get destroyed you can recycle them in art installation to make your camp a landmark.

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