Wednesday, October 5, 2011

46 Parade of originals 8

Golden rebar for this shade cloth camp

Golden rebar for this stretch fabric.
It reminds a lot of the Relax-o-Matic Plushitorium camp of previous years, in white.
Stretch fabric, poles and tennis balls, voila!

Golden rebar for the structural ingenuity of the "Pony Camp" designed by architect David...
PVC pipes, metal connectors and a lot of ratchet straps.


Because of the inherent purpose of a sail which is to catch wind (I am wrong?) there are very few structures using sails. This one is on the edge of the city worked well.

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The Flying Tortoise said...

Fantastic! Wonderful images. Thankyou for posting them. Man's ingenuity and creativity will continue to shine even though there are so many who try to dull it.
Here's to Burning Man 2012!